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Exeter Editor of The Tab

Your ignorance isn’t ‘banter’ – it’s racism

Events like these deter students from coming to Exeter

I guess people think of us as ‘feminazis’: Discussing equality with the Exeter FemSoc presidents

‘I’d like for people to stop being scared to be feminists’

Airport security stopped an Exeter student from Iraq flying to the US

Just hours after Trump’s ban

Semi Toned have a new single out, and they’ve covered Beyonce

Their worldwide fame is imminent

Everything you need to know about Semi-Toned’s winning performance on ‘The Choir’

‘It is such an honour’


This is the best news of 2016

We caught up with Semi-Toned about how things have changed since The Choir

Have they turned into mini Kanyes?

‘We’re absolutely thrilled’: Semi-Toned blast their way through to the finals

Gareth Malone bloody loves them

Semi-Toned are through to THE FINALS of BBC’s ‘The Choir’

Making Exeter proud

The ultimate ‘Would You Rather’: Exeter edition

The most pressing questions ever to be asked

The headliner for the Hijacked launch party will be released this Sunday

We spoke to the co-founder of Hijacked and Thick as Thieves

‘White power’ stickers were put up along the Quayside last night

It is thought it happened in response to the Trump protest

There was a protest against Donald Trump in Exeter last night

‘We need to be vigilant. Now more than ever, we need keep an eye out for racist and xenophobic attacks’

Exclusive EUABC Boxing Show preview

An interview with the committee of Exe’s homegrown Fight Club

Clubbers of the Week: Halloween Edition

It’s a good ‘un

A huge fire broke out early this morning on Cathedral Green

100 firefighters were needed to tackle the blaze

Cabinet Minister and Exeter alum Sajid Javid comes to campus

And takes selfies with students on Forum Hill

Exeter’s best clubbers of the week

Who made the cut?

Exeter according to Facebook reviews

‘If you’re from The North don’t expect much’

Theresa May is the silent executioner of liberalism

What did Britain say to its trade partners? See EU later

The ‘killer clowns’ have come to Exeter


Exeter retains its place in the Top 10 universities in the UK

According to the Times and Sunday Times University League Table for 2017

Fashion in the Forum: Freshers’ Fair Edition

Freebies and fresh meat

Exeter students write ‘The Holocaust was a good time’ on bar crawl T-shirts

One also read ‘don’t speak to me if you’re not white’

A JustGiving page has been set up to help raise funds for the refurbishment of Cavern

They’ve raised over £7,000 so far

There was a fire at Cavern last night

It went on for four hours

These are the students who were deported by Theresa May

One was deported for ‘failing to prove’ he’s gay

How to break up with your toxic best friend

A drunken phone call probably won’t go down well

University wasn’t for me. Now I’m about to make my first million

Richard Branson said: ‘We need to watch him, he’s going places.’

One in 10 young people who voted Leave regret their decision

According to a Tab poll of 8,600 people

We aren’t the only ones taking Modafinil, our lecturers are too

Just to mark all your poorly spelt essays

A petition to remove the contraceptive pill ‘Rigevidon’ from the NHS has nearly 5,000 signatures

The girl who started it suffered a stroke when on the pill

A day at Henley Regatta with bowties, pinstripes and Pimms

Indulgence and utterly British behaviour

Exeter University student jailed after sexual assault

He used his phone to watch clips with titles such as ‘He made this cute girl cry’

Everything that happened at Hijacked 2016

Does anyone have spare gum?

Mosaic is an embarrassment to EX4

The queues made me question my sanity

There’s nothing wrong with believing in horoscopes

I live by mine

Exeter student facing jail for a ‘sharking’ attack

And he’s more worried about missing his second year exams

Why Exeter should have been everyone’s first choice

Because what would life be without Forum and Firehouse

A Costa date with Semi-Toned, EX4’s heartthrob A cappella group

Tight harmonies and even tighter trousers

So you’re going to Cavern for the first time

No iPhones allowed

How much does it cost to be an Exetah basic bitch?

More than just the Moz entry fee