Edinburgh fresher en route to Exe

Return fixture of last term’s Edinburgh Fives sees young hockey hopeful on a long ride south.

17:30 update (Scroll down for this morning’s story)

And so it came to pass that a fresher named Max Abbot journeyed from Edinburgh to Exeter and back again in one day.

The Edinburgh hockey club youngster arrived in Exeter at 14:42 today, where he was greeted by Exeter’s hockey clubmen.

After an exchange of gifts, it was off to the Impy for a swift round. Touchingly, Max and Exeter fresher Ben Sully shared a game of fives in the Orangery, where it all began.

Ben Sully, left, showing Edinburgh’s Max Abbot how it’s done. Picture: EUMHC

Max’s trip south is the result of him losing last night’s game of Exeter Fives. In the return fixture to Exeter’s ‘Edinburgh Fives’ last term – which saw our fresher Ben Sully travel from Exeter to Edinburgh and back in one day – Max is travelling down on the train as a forfeit for losing a game of fives.

Max is on his way home now. The Tab will bring you more pictures and video later today.

14:42 update 

He’s arrived!

Edinburgh fresher Max Abbot has pulled into St David’s station after a mammoth 7.5 hour journey from Scotland to Devon. He survived hunger, thirst and chronic boredom on the trip south to arrive on the 14:42.

There to greet him were Exeter’s hockey boys, who made a special trip to posh shopping destination Waitrose for gifts with which to welcome the intrepid traveler.

Exeter’s hockey boys welcome Edinburgh’s Max Abbot (left) at St David’s. Picture: EUMHC

Like the true gents they are, EUMHC will treat Max to a pint in the Impy, before he jumps on the train to head back to Scotland.

13:00 update 

Edinburgh Uni fresher Max Abbot, journeying from Edinburgh to Exeter and back in one day, has made it as far as Birmingham New Street station.

Stopping over for a spot of lunch, the Edinburgh Uni hockey club fresher sent us this picture. But there was no time for him to stop and see Birmingham’s landmarks, such as the Bullring shopping centre and the M5. This man has a train to catch.

Max is due to arrive at Exeter St. David’s at 14.42. Exeter’s hockey boys will be there to meet him.

Edinburgh’s Max Abbot in Birmingham. Not long left son!


10am update

A fresher from Edinburgh uni’s hockey club is on his way to Exeter after losing a game of fives.

After the runaway success of Exeter’s Edinburgh Fives last term, the Scotsmen decided to play a return fixture.

Last night, the club held its inaugural Exeter Fives, which saw youngster Max Abbot lose to Stewart Murphy in a tense final.

The Tab will be tracking this young man’s journey south. It’s a 7.5 hour ride down here and Max is due to arrive in Exeter at 14.42.

Until then, here’s the moment the fresher lost the biggest game of his life.

The Edinburgh game looks well organised, with a microphone and bow-tie-wearing referee, but it lacks the crown that featured in Exeter’s version.



In case your geography’s not so good, this is the route to Exeter from Edinburgh. The fresher might as well be going to Denmark.

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