Inaugural Rowing Varsity Today!

The first ever rowing Varsity is set to kick off tomorrow between Exeter City and Exeter University



The first ever rowing Varsity is set to kick off today between Exeter City and Exeter University, and what better time of year for it?
Event organisers Dave Rogal and Holly Gottlieb are adamant it’s going to be the sporting highlight of the summer. “We’re just so happy that we’ve managed to put this together in time for people finishing their exams, and with such great weather I can’t imagine there will be a nicer place to be in Exeter on a warm summer’s evening, and even better it’s free for everyone to come and watch!”
Starting directly outside the waterfront and finishing just short of the weir, the 400 metre sprint course is going to see the crews throwing everything they have into the races.
Each boat category will have a best-of-three races against the other club, the winner of most boat categories claiming the overall varsity title.
“Rowing is one of those sports that people will often hear about but will never get to see happen right in-front of them. This is a perfect opportunity for the clubs to show the university and public what they do, so that it’s not just all stories of 6am ergo training and fitness freaks,” explains rowing President, Dave Rogal.
The event is a perfect warm up to their summer racing season and runs from 5-8pm. The timepiece tent will be set up the opposite side of the quay allowing access to the whole course, and a barbecue will also be serving hot food throughout the evening.
The event is raising money for this year’s RAG international event through profit splits with the timepiece tent as well as the raffle and other activities being set in place.