Seven alternative Christmas presents for Edi students

Only an Edi student would require a pair of Edi Uni branded flares


Now the Christmas lights have been switched on at Teviot, the festive season has well and truly arrived. With December fast approaching, so too does the annual dilemma of what presents you should buy your friends and family. So here is a list of some must-have items for anyone studying in Edinburgh.

1. Electric blanket

We’ve all experienced the perils of living in a flat without double glazing. Body shivering. Teeth chattering. Breath visible. An electric blanket is the only way to make it through the Edinburgh winter without freezing to death. Maybe it will even prevent the awkward debates about whether to put the heating on in the flat — if you’re lucky. 

2. The University of Edinburgh branded flares

The height of fashion and comfort, a pair of branded flares are a Christmas essential. Donning these is the only way to embrace the Pollock lifestyle and show off the University logo simultaneously.

3. Mousetrap

Nothing could be more emblematic of Christmas cheer than a wonderful mouse trap. This is a Christmas must-have. If you claim to haven’t witnessed a mouse scurrying across your flat, you’re lying. Any Edinburgh student would be delighted to receive such a useful gift. Unless, of course, they have decided to make friends with their flat’s mouse and have dubbed it their flat pet.

4. Mould spray

Whilst functionality may not always be the most important criterion when it comes to choosing Christmas presents, this could be the greatest, most useful gift an Edinburgh student will receive. Give them the opportunity to experience a life free of mould — they will be eternally grateful.

5. Circuit laundry credit

After enduring the first few months of university, first-years will be in need of a heartfelt, thoughtful present this year. Gift them circuit laundry credit to show them you love them and that you are concerned about the cleanliness of their clothes.

6. Mini fan

Edinburgh uni students truly go from one extreme to the other. From the sub-zero temperatures in their flats, to the scorching heat of the University library. Only in the library could you be sweating in the depths of the Edinburgh winter — but sweat no more with a portable mini fan. It is also the perfect gift to combat the sweltering Gari’s heat and make it (somewhat) bearable. How versatile.

7. Doc Socks

Perhaps gifting socks is an obvious choice, a present people resort to giving when they’ve run out of ideas. However, these are essential for an Edinburgh student, given that Doc Martens are a crucial element of Edinburgh attire. Owning a pair of these will help Doc wearers see the end of limping around the streets, suffering from excruciatingly painful blisters. Also, these will be the gift that keeps on giving, as not only will they (supposedly) prevent blisters, they will presumably keep your loved one’s feet insulated from the Edinburgh cold, too — because there’s nothing worse than cold feet. 

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