What your autumnal drink of choice says about your Edi lifestyle

I am yet to meet a turmeric latte drinker that is not completely unhinged

Nothing screams autumn quite like a hot beverage – chai, turmeric and matcha lattes are in full swing. The crowds of marching people all over George Square all have a cup in hand. Nothing sets you up for your next six-hour library session quite like an overpriced drink. But what does your choice say about your life in Edi?

Chai latte

A staple for a reason. You probably are a typical Edi student – always taking pics of the sunsets when walking through New Town or the Meadows, definitely a quirky puffer coat owner and almost certainly has one of those Swedish backpacks.

Feeling in tune with the season is key for you – since you’re so at one with nature, you have your life put together. You don’t need caffeine to function, just a hit of cinnamon and you’re ready to stay on George Square from 9-5.

Any coffee beverage 

Simple, reliable and efficient – just like you. You are the walking stereotype of an Edi student. Coffee breaks are the backbone of your social life and you know every single good and niche coffee shop around Edi. When you hear the words “coffee break?'” it’s like someone has handed you a free seat on the fourth floor at peak hours.

Getting a syrup in that? You like to keep it exciting then. Sometimes you feel reckless and go to the fifth floor, or try Hive if Subway is full.

Pumpkin spice latte

Here we go. You’ve got an Edi Uni tote, Air Forces, Northface puffer, flares – basically anything you need to be as basic an Edi student as you can get, you’ve got it. Nothing wrong with that though. You can bet that as you strut into the library with a Starbucks cup that every girl that looks at you wants to be you. Bonus points if you’ve got a skinny scarf that is just not quite like the rest – I’m thinking glittery or polka dotty instead of striped.

Turmeric latte

I mean, you have to be a really unique person if you stand in front of the barista in the library cafe and ask if they’ve got a turmeric latte. You’re trying to live the most unusual Edi life possible – you probably avoid the library at all costs because that is just far too simple for you.

Matcha latte

Do you go to the gym? Pretty sure I’ve seen you at Tribe and Pleasance on the same day. And that gym bag you brought to the lecture at Gordon Aikman, is that a new one? For some reason, the people who I know drink matcha are the kind of people who book a gym class in between classes rather than before or after them (or both).

Your Edi lifestyle is planned from the second you wake up to the second you fall asleep. As well as being a health icon, you know how to have fun as well – you can bet that after a four-hour stint in Subway, you’ll be picking up your matcha ready for your next library shift.

Hot chocolate 

Fun, sweet and quirky enough that it’s cute rather than just cocky. Hot chocolate drinkers are the social butterflies of Edinburgh. They probably go to 5 different study spots a day to meet up with different people – 50 George Square, the library, Chrystal Macmillan Building, you name it, they’ve probably sipped a hot chocolate there. After your day of socialising, you go home to your flat of 6 and tell them how you bumped into your 17th friend of the day near John Lewis.

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