45 iconic Brits that would have been a better replacement to Liz Truss

Hugh Grant is obviously on the list

As a feminist, I am as much a supporter of women’s rights as I am of women’s wrongs, and Liz Truss sure had a lot of them! Following her announcement to resign earlier this month, here are 45 Brits I think should replace her that definitely deserve the job more than Rishi Sunak.

The Wet Lettuce

Duh. Sure lasted longer than her time in office. The ToFoo would obviously be Deputy PM.


If love for him can unite even the most anti-royalists and the late queen, he can save the economic situation.

Jason Statham

He literally saved the world from a deadly disease AND a superhuman Idris Elba in a single movie.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

She can write, act, and produce—surely, she can raise the value of the pound, too.

Gordon Ramsay

He’d yell austerity into a fit of tears and send it on its merry way.

Dame Helen Mirren

Triple Crown of Acting takes on parliament?

Sacha Baron Cohen

He already snuck into US politics in a fat suit. It’s time for him to take a domestic adventure.

Millie Bobby Brown

Eleven/Enola Holmes/PM?

Tom Holland

He’s one of those Brits I always forget isn’t American, so he can clearly fit into the role of PM without a hitch. And also, he’s Spiderman?

Emily Blunt

The loveliest woman in movies. She can be trusted with the post-covid economic situation.

Elton John

The greatest British person alive. Goodbye Devaluation of the Pound.

Julie Andrews

She would make a Princess out of this country in no time.

Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office

Cat Prime Ministership starts now!

Kate Winslet

She literally survived the titanic, she can help the UK stay afloat, too.

Peppa Pig

A pig that learns something new everyday? She already has one up on Boris.

Daniel Radcliffe

He beat Voldemort—Putin is the understandable next enemy.

Hugh Grant

He’s already played one.

Emma Thompson

Name a role she wasn’t perfect for. I’ll wait.

Nadia Hussain

My personal favourite British baker, she has a knack for economic and time-conscious solutions.

David Attenborough

The smartest Brit alive. He could single-handedly save the world.

Gemma Collins

The Only Way Is Essex? No. The Only Way Is Economic Prosperity.

Ant & Dek

“I’m a Swiftie… Get Me Out of Here!” — Liz Truss, probably.

Alison Hammond

She’d knock austerity right into River Mersey.

Simon Cowell

There wouldn’t be a person in his cabinet that didn’t have the X factor.

Scary Spice, Mel B

The main character of the spice girls. Imagine the fashion moments we could have.

Judge Rinder

He already has plenty of practice in the wig and in drama. That’s literally the job description.

Graham Norton

Okay, so imagine his show, but now with diplomats and world leaders on those red chairs. I want all the political gossip and humor.

Gino D’Acampo

If the Prime Minister had flair, he would be Gino D’Acampo.

Mary Berry

Refused to follow GBBO to another channel because of her loyalty to the BBC. Her devotion is unmatched, and she’d probably always have an office full of cookies.

Susan Boyle

She dreamed a dream—of Downing Street? Let’s give her a crack at it.

Brendan Gleeson

Braveheart? Paddington? Harry Potter? The man is Britain.


All I ask is that she also continues her singing career in between public policy meetings.

Daniel Craig

No Time to Die? He makes time for everything. Including public office.

Idris Elba

Any man with those muscles can get the job done.

Rene-Jean Page

The DUKE. He BURNS (for this country.)

Robert Pattinson

Vampire, Batman, and Harry Potter? Sounds like the only major gloomy, corrupted world he hasn’t existed in is politics.

Emma Watson

Intellect, talent, and fabulous public speaking skills? Get her to Downing Street right now.

James Corden

Contentious, but the best of us are. And he has a career opening soon.

Rick Astley

Guys. He’s never going to give us up or let us down. And he certainly would never turn around and desert us.

Helena Bonham Carter

The icon herself. I’d trust her with my life.

Olivia Colman

Oscar-winner for playing the Queen? Sign her up.

Susanna Reid

If she can handle Piers Morgan, she can handle anything.

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex

As a middle finger to all the tories for years of crap PMs. They would actually do the job so well.

Ricky Gervais

He holds no punches. Give him a shot at Putin.

Florence Pugh

The only wake-up call Miss Flo needs is that of a political office.


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