Skye Taylor
University of Edinburgh

We rated your absolutely repulsive Edi ‘meals’ and Gordon Ramsay would be ashamed of you

You are all idiot sandwiches for these pathetic excuses for meals

45 iconic Brits that would have been a better replacement to Liz Truss

Hugh Grant is obviously on the list

Three MORE easy meals all Edinburgh students can make for only £5

Because we are hungry, growing adults

Opinion: Taking a learning space away from your peers isn’t the activism you think it is

As if we didn’t have enough online learning in the last few years, why not just add more to your peers’ workloads

Buckle up Edi students, we’re doing Dublin in eight hours for only £30

It WAS meant to be 10 hours, but Ryanair only offers failure and sadness

So, what exactly are all those lion statues doing in The Meadows?

I’m a big fan of the lions, but the dogs in the park are very confused

Uni cooking 101: Three easy meals for £5

Student flat kitchen tried, tested, and approved!

As an international student paying £22k to sit through strikes, I deserve some money back

But hey, at least the university ‘regrets the disruption this causes to students’