A definitive list of the top 10 things every Edi Uni Fresher needs

1. The ability to withstand wind, rain and strikes


Freshers’ Week is here! By now, all of you newbies will have moved in and probably also be sucked in by all the local shops telling you the things you absolutely must spend £50 on to survive.

Ignore all of that because here is the only guide you need – in case you missed these items in one of your moving suitcases, make sure to get them before term starts.

1. A heavy-duty coat

And I mean heavy. You probably heard the stories of torrential rain, a wind that could carry you to the top of Arthur’s Seat and temperatures that cause frostbite – well, they’re all true. 

If you want to survive walks to Edinburgh’s campuses, queues into clubs along Cowgate, or just staying in your room, you will need a good coat. Padded, lined and waterproof features you need to look for. It’s the one item of clothing it’s not wise to cheap out on. A good coat could last you your whole four years in Edinburgh.

2. A trendy yet practical water bottle

Plastic is out, durable metal is in. The last thing you need is to constantly think about buying water or a new bottle. You’ll carry it everywhere, so get one that can keep drinks hot so it can double as a thermos and keep water chilled. 

Durable is also a good idea because you have no idea how often you’ll find yourself throwing your bag around or having people knock it over in the library. Also better to avoid any spillage on your laptop or notepads. 

3. Trainers that you don’t mind getting trashed

I made the mistake of wearing my fresh new white creps to the club during freshers. They got ruined after about 30 seconds on the dance floor, especially Gari’s – seriously, someone needs to check out what that white stuff is in the corners. Pretty sure you can find a new strain of COVID in there. 

You’ll have beer split on them, have people thrown up on them, have people step all over them and probably worse. Better to get a pair you’re not emotionally connected to. Just make sure they’re nice and comfy.

4. An excessive amount of socks 

Every time you do a load of laundry, just expect to lose about 4 pairs of socks. It’s better to just have a load as back up because otherwise, you’ll just end up without any socks. 

5. An umbrella that can withstand tornados 

Even with a heavy-duty coat, you will never be fully prepared for Edinburgh weather unless you have an umbrella. The heavens can open at any second. Make sure it has a cover so you don’t walk into a lecture dripping in the rain because, trust me, that is not a good look. 

6. Plants that can survive negligence and the cold 

When it’s 08:30am, you were out until 5am the night before, your mouth feels like sandpaper and you cannot feel your arms you’re going to want something to look at that will give you a slither of hope at serotonin: plants. 

Just trust me – your room needs something in it that will give it some life as opposed to just stale and three week old air. Just get a plant, and if you can’t even look after yourself, let alone a plant, just get a plastic one. 

7. Memory sticks 

Back up all of your lecture notes and resources. Firstly, in case you lose your laptop or just break it. You never know. It’s also handy, so your laptop keeps a healthy storage level because slow laptops during lectures are not enjoyable. 

8. Cutlery and plates that are UNIQUELY COLOURED

Save yourself from serious arguments by week 3 by just getting brightly coloured cutlery and plates. That way you know that the neon yellow bowl it’s yours and the pile of plates next to the sink waiting to be washed aren’t – problem solved. 

9. A mug that you can base your entire personality on, perhaps an official Edi Uni one

When you come home from 9 hours at the library, you will want a lovely warm drink. Just get a nice mug to make that experience 10x more exciting. 

Also, a unique mug means if anyone steals it, you can easily spot it and cause awkward tension of the rest of the academic year. 

10. Extensions cords 

You will have about 2 plugs in your room. You’re going to need about 15. You will use an extension cord every day, so it’s better to get two if anything. 

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