Edi students told us about the craziest displays of wealth they’ve seen at uni

Their money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds, and was probably from a trust fund


Let’s face it, there are some insanely rich students, who coincidently happen to have rich parents, who attend Edinburgh.

And while the rest of us are feeling fancy if we decide to shop at Sainsbury’s, and downright flush if we treat ourselves to a snack from M&S, to some those places are probably the equivalent of a corner shop, nothing other than Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, or Waitrose will do.

Whether it’s multiple Canada Goose jackets, designer bags, family estates, or owning a springer spaniel, you can just tell if a student has a wealthy background.

So we asked you what some of the craziest displays of wealth you’ve seen at Edinburgh is, so get comfortable, grab a cuppa, and for gods sake don’t forget the caviar.

‘Someone with two Chanel bags having just bought a Gucci bag sitting in Salisbury Court’

I’ll be over here with my Lidl bags.

‘Someone brought caviar to JMCC to supplement dinner’

Honestly, the main thing you need to bring to supplement a JMCC dinner is salt and pepper.

‘Pres on champagne in Chancellors’

Such an unnecessary flex, just use cheap Sainsbury’s vodka like the rest of us.

‘A boy I slept with gave me a Gucci t-shirt as pyjamas and just told me to keep them’

I think the only thing most boys give people who sleep with them is disappointment, so you’re already better off than most of us.

‘Daddy paid £650k for a quarter mile flat’

Is this the same guy as the above post…

‘Having shares in Mash House… as a fresher (Pollock obvs)’

Such a random thing to have shares in.

‘Ubering up Calton Hill and paying for it to stay waiting at the top rather than ordering another one once they were ready to come down’

Calton Hill?

Is it even possible to Uber up there, I swear it’s just a few steps.

‘My friend slept with Lord Mountbatten’s great-grandson last week’

Okay, I’m convinced this and the Gucci pyjama guy are one and the same.

‘A fourth-year paying £2.5k per month for a flat in New Town’

*Utilities not included*

‘Flatmate swears they aren’t posh, but was invited to the Royal wedding’

Just a casual weekend for them.

‘My flatmate ordered new clothes instead of washing them’

Ah yes, unsustainability at its best.

‘Someone chartered a second plane to go shooting because they went to the wrong airport’

All that money can’t buy common sense.

‘Had a friend of a friend invite 150 people to Saint Tropez for a birthday – all expenses paid’

I want to be friends with this person.

‘A girl couldn’t understand why I couldn’t link my Uber account to my parent’s credit card’

“But like, whyyyy can’t youuuu?”

‘Taken Ubers to and from the Med school in front of us poor people at the bus stop’

Bus is just a big, cheaper Uber anyway.

‘Got asked why I have never been on a private jet’

Yeah, it’s weird how it’s not a common thing, almost like they’re insanely expensive.

‘Boy collecting a Fortnum and Masons hamper in Chancellors’

Probably his weekly groceries, god forbid he has to go to Sainsbury’s for his butter.

‘Someone told me they’d learned to drive on their father’s plantation in Africa’

It’s giving colonialism.

‘Flatmate used a Gucci bag to carry empty takeaways to the bin’

Good to know even the insanely wealthy among us students also hoard takeaway boxes in their rooms.

‘Parents bought them a private real estate agent so they could find a flat’

I won’t lie, if I could I would, it’s brutal out there.

‘Knew someone who spent £7k because it was Black Friday’

For context, £7k could also buy you 1,949 boxes of nine chicken McNuggets.

‘Saw a guy spend £3k on drinks before the starters had even come out’

I’ll stick with the bottomless Sprite at Nandos that I refill with Coke thank you very much.

‘Someone bought TWO venoms in Subway’

It was Jeff Bezos, right?

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