Breaking: Edinburgh Uni to end compulsory face masks from today

But recommends that students and staff should still wear face coverings in crowded spaces

Face masks will no longer be compulsory indoors from Monday 18th April, The University of Edinburgh has announced.

The change comes after the recent Scottish Government health update, which signaled the end of all legal Covid-19 restrictions in Scotland from today.

Speaking to The Edinburgh Tab, a spokesperson for the university said that whilst masks won’t be compulsory any more, it will encourage students and staff “to continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces”, in line with government guidance.

Edinburgh Uni insists that the health and safety of its community remain its top priority.

Edinburgh’s Student Union will also end compulsory face masks indoors, including in Potterrow, Teviot, and Pleasance.

However, a spokesperson for EUSA said: “We welcome visitors continuing to wear masks to assist in the reduction of Covid-19 transmission. Our staff will continue to wear face coverings as appropriate, at least until the end of September.”

Face coverings have been mandatory for Edinburgh students and staff on campus since September 2020, including in lecture theatres, seminar rooms and libraries.

The change will mean students will no longer be asked to comply with legal requirements by staff.

Both the university and EUSA have emphasized caution around the change. Students and staff are encouraged to respect those who wish to continue wearing a mask, and other Covid-19 mitigation measures including building ventilation and hand sanitizing points will remain in place.

The change comes as around 5,000 coronavirus cases are still being recorded in Scotland daily.

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