Edinburgh University to divert its Russian investment holdings at the ‘earliest opportunity’

The university made the announcement today in a statement condemning the Russian invasion

Edinburgh University announced today that it would be reviewing its relationships with Russia and diverting its investment holdings at “the earliest opportunity”.

The university had previously come under fire for having significant investments in “Russian-related assets” – including £1.1 million in shares of Sberbank (Russia’s largest bank).

The uni shared the news in an email sent by Principal Peter Mathieson to students and staff, in which they were also informed of the ‘key developments’ Edinburgh has been taking to support Ukraine.

Peter Mathieson stated that Edinburgh University condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and fully endorse the statement that the Universities UK put out on the 7th March.

The email went on to stress the priority of the safety of students and staff overseas, and the role Edinburgh Global played in ensuring everyone was returned safely.

The university is providing immigration and financial support for affected students, as well as support for prospective students who may have “difficulties gaining the qualifications and English language tests required to meet any offer conditions”.

Mathieson wrote: “As well as supporting academics, we have agreed a scholarship fund for displaced undergraduate students seeking asylum to join us in Edinburgh”.

With over 1.7 million people displaced by the crisis, Edinburgh Uni stated that it recently met with City of Edinburgh Council and the Acting Counsel General of Ukraine in order to discuss how to best support Ukraine, especially as Edinburgh is twinned with Kyiv.

As a founding member of the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) the university has agreed to host ten at-risk scholars from conflict zones, with a focus on Ukraine.

Following its statement on their investment holdings, the uni also stated that it would be reviewing the honorary degree that they awarded to the Head of the Ruskiv Foundation, Vyacheslav Nikonov, who received the degree in 2012.

The university has also set up a SharePoint with advice for staff and students on how to support Ukraine and the wider community.

The full statement from Edinburgh University can be found here.

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Edinburgh Uni has announced a ‘review’ of its investments in ‘Russian-related assets’