The University of Edinburgh is now officially selling its own bucket hat

And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke

If you needed a swish new music festival accessory for Fly or Woodlands (or just a new addition to your exam-revision-library-session outfit), you’re in luck – the University of Edinburgh has now added a bucket hat to its official line-up of merchandise.

The one-size, one-colour, 100% cotton, Edinburgh branded hat is now available to buy for £10 from the University of Edinburgh online shop. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you its multipurpose nature should, being described as, a ‘new cotton bucket hat for the spring/summer’. Spring and summer? What versatility.

The design is not quite like the other typical university merch staples, as the label reads ‘official outfitters’, unlike the staple University of Edinburgh bobble hats which just have the usual logo. Urban Outfitters could only dream of being this edgy and alternative – official logos are so last year. Besides, no Bongo’s look could be complete without this hat and of course, Edinburgh branded flares…

Despite the university suggesting that our April Fool’s article (sorry if this is how you’ve found out that it was indeed a joke) was some great inspiration for future merch items, it seems they came up with this one all on their own. Not quite what we had in mind but we appreciate the innovation.


You could be the person to leave a very anticipated first review – the only kind of academic review students truly care about in the lead-up to exam season. It’s still in stock, but sadly you’ll have to wait if you’re in need of an Edinbear.

If you want to make the best purchase of the year go to the University’s official gift shop’s website, the merchandise store on Bristo Square, or the EUSA shops in Potterrow, 40 George Square basement, or Pollock Halls to get yourself a new summer wardrobe essential.

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