Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Surviving and thriving in Week Five

Drinking and dancing up a storm for Valentine’s Day

It’s Week Five and Edi students are proving they have the stamina to keep partying like it’s the beginning of term, while avoiding doing those pesky midterms of course. Here’s the proof!

Stunners of the Week


All of them. every single one. girl band vibes.

Runners Up

They look so happy, I’ll let the PDA slide.

Her poster’s not wrong

The coolest guy ever. And Drake.

I’m intimidated by them

Creeper of the Week


Bro, I don’t know either.

Runners Up

I can’t tell if he’s intentionally trying to creep or just looking for a mate.

The human embodiment of the grimace emoji

Look, I’m baffled as to why the tongue is out too, but get out their photo love.

A very happy creeper but a creeper nonetheless.

Third Wheel of the Week


We’ve all been there mate but just take the hint…

Runners Up

It looks like his mouth has a hand coming out of it


The obligatory fourth wheel ruining Galentine’s.

“Excuse me, sorry, do you mind if I just squeeze through”

Wanker of the Week


Even with his busy Instagram schedule of slating Pete Davidson, Kanye still always makes time for a Rascals night out

Runners Up

I hope she sees this and leaves you.

I’m really sorry it’s just the stance.

He’s deffo asking someone to catch him outside

Whoever made this sign

Hero of the Week

I want to experience joy like this one day.

Runners Up

He is literally holding his friend up for the photo, hero moves.

He took “Dance like nobody’s watching” to another level

The sass. love it.

The two drinks, the sway of the hips, the vibes…

Heroine of the Week


When you’re the only one at the afters with food

Runners Up

She looks like she’s not going to take anyone’s shit

Provider of all the vibey club photos your friends will beg off you in the morning

Is she carrying him?? I love this

WTFs of the Week


I literally can’t tell what’s going on here but it looks like fun.

Runners Up

“Guys we don’t need an XL! Trust me, someone can sit up front!”

She looks like she’s considering another VK… go for it queen

I want to know what song is playing.

Album Covers of the Week


She’s making it levitate, I don’t know how, but she is.

Runners Up

A group of friends at Flare or a renaissance painting?

Where’s Wally?

Live, laugh, vibes xo

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week


Openly sobbing in Hive? we’ve all been there.

Runners Up

No, not them. the girls in the back

He’s thinking “I can’t believe a cardboard cutout is getting more attention than me.”

Do you know how unhappy you have to be both winner and runner up of “Unhappy clubber of the week”

This is really awkward, he looks like he’s just thinking of going home.

Mutant of the Week


I feel like no one has taught them how to breathe. It’s okay to exhale.

Runners Up

Are you… are you EATING your friend’s shoulder?

Sometimes the music is so good your soul leaves your body

I feel like this eye contact is so intense

Girl on the left was caught off guard

Best of the Rest

There’s something going on just out of shot

Their happiness is upsetting me

This is probably his first sip of drink all night looking at the state of his shirt

I feel like I’m being invited to dance to Mamma Mia

Girly just wanted to show off her earrings and who can blame her?

Don’t we all love Tamagotchi Tuesdays this much

I’ve never been death-stared by bartenders before but I kind of like it

There’s so much going on

Pulled an uno reverse on the cameraman

Photography Credits

Kealan Bond (Flare Monday and Love Wednesday)

Neil Stewart (Rascals)

David Stewart (Tamagotchi Tuesday)

Thomas Michael (Hive)

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