Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: the Nicky (Sturgeon) can’t hold us

The clubs are finally open after a month off so Clubbers is back with a bang!

Week Two of second semester is upon us – a time where we realise the promises and New Year’s resolutions we made to actually wake up early, turn up to tutorials and live a little more in the library are completely empty. You may have been gifted new stationary over Christmas, even tidied your desk and done some reading but the old temptations are back and with clubs opening again, who can help but get suckered in…?

Edi students certainly made the most for time lost and partied as they should and here’s the proof!

Stunners of the Week


The pout, the pigtails, the pose… it’s all there

Runners Up

Pair of cuties


Sunglasses indoors to avoid being blinded by the hotness

Creeper of the Week


Either he’s creeping or the other two are… but the vibes are off

Runners Up

Girl…they can’t hear you

I get the vibe that they don’t know you

He looks so pleased with himself

Third-Wheel of the Week


No bigger third wheel than someone that’s not on the same vibe as their friends

Runners Up

The most suave third wheel I ever did see

“This photo is for girls only”

No need to look so glum

Wanker of the Week


To anyone that kisses this passionately in the club… get a room and I hate you

Runners Up

Mansplaining, colourised – 2022

I feel like intimidating the camera man is a wanker move

We get it – you bought a bottle.

Hero of the Week


The hero we all need

Surely the most legendary ratio of his life

Pure vibes. Wish i was you

The tartan? the two VKs? someone stop this man

Heroine of the Week


I don’t know how she’s still smiling for the picture but she is. queen.

Runners Up

She said mask on.

When is a club not your own professional photo shoot? Love to see it

This is the year we stop pretending we’re interested in rando club flirters. Obsessed with her lack of a poker face

Not sure what’s more heroic, taking a picture of her friends or the Tesco bag in the background

WTFs of the Week


Whatever news he’s received, I want to know.

Runners Up

We don’t know either

Is she falling? Is this a dance move?

I know he’s asking for a drink but it also looks like some ancient summoning ritual.

Album Covers of the Week


Modern Renaissance painting.

Runners Up

A wannabe indie band coming to a northern town near you!

It’s all held together by the bloke in the middle. well done for the vibes.

This almost makes me want to go clubbing

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week


Let it out

Runners Up

At least pretend to care about what your friend is saying

Only 1/3 of the people in this photo actually want to be there

When you see your already drunk mate down his third jagerbomb

Best of the Rest

I don’t know but I love it

“I won hehe”

This looks like the most painful wink of his life

Do you think she fancies him? Because I do

I can hear this picture and I hate it

Click click bitch

The man that makes the magic happen.

Loving the colourful fringe bestie

Photography Credits:

Image credits:

Neil Stewart (Tamagotchi Tuesday)

David Stewart (Slice Saturday)

Kealan Bond (Flare Monday and Love Wednesday)

Thomas Michael (Hive)

James Gourlay (Ice Wednesday, Rascals)