Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Week two, return of the (J)edi

The semester is back in full swing so it’s time to put our heads down and focus on work, right?

Despite being in the deep dark depths of winter, when no amount of alcohol can act as a blanket from the absolutely baltic Edinburgh winds, the students of Edi have been out making the most of our freshly reopened clubs.

Sure, the first deadlines of the semester are beginning to loom and reading week is still a distant dream, but it’s a well-known fact that a Subway venom is an effective treatment for vitamin D deficiency, coursework-induced stress and for seasonal depression. Besides, everyone knows students have a famously healthy work-life balance!

We can now go out without having to sit weirdly at tables on the dancefloor – here are the best pictures we found of people making the most of this freedom.

Stunner of the week


I am so obsessed with every detail of both their outfits

Runners up

Smile as infectious as omicron 🙂

This is honestly adorable idc

People who look insta ready at the club are living my dream life

It girl moment

Creeper of the week


Rahhhhhhhh can I get you another pornstar venom?

Runners up

That watch is a red flag

The man at the back gets it

People who get tonge piercings need a vetting process

Bit alarming mate x

Third-wheel of the week


Sorry bro but the Balenciaga top won’t win her over x

Runners up

I don’t know who thought that pose was a good idea

Honestly, I would get so confused between those guys I’d probably forget which one I liked

I don’t know if this is a third wheel or they’re all siblings?

Wanker of the week


This wins for the density of wankers

Runners up


What a mad lad

Down it fresher

I really don’t have any words to describe this.

Heroine of the week


TFW you’re asked to play Murder on the Dancefloor five times in one night (for real, Queen Roisin is heroine of the week every week)

Runners up

Killing it honestly

Hope your bank accounts are okay after buying those girlies xxx

Mesh is back!

Where is her necklace from? Asking for a friend xoxo

The colour coordination? 10/10

Hero of the week


What are you looking for bestie cause I can help you find it x

Runners up

Venom in each hand, this man is living the dream

They look like they’d let you copy their geology homework tbh

These guys would definitely lend you their lab reports for you to copy

Just bros being bros

WTF of the week


I think I just threw up a little bit

Runners up

Are they… vaping up their nose? Actually, don’t answer that

Where else would you ever want to be proposed to?

The face of 2 men who have just realised the consequences of their actions

Billie Piper is that you??? Seriously???

Utter, unbridled chaos

Mutant of the week


Sorry mate but to be fair, who does this in front of the camera?

Runners up

Fresh out of some Peep Show style mockumentary

Blink twice if you need help

Just met Ed Sheeran at Why Not?

At least she’s on the end so you can crop her out

Album covers of the week


“Alexa, play Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds”

Runners up

Gerard Way – core

Not an album cover, but definitely the thumbnail of a BBC Three sitcom of some kind

Phoebe Bridgers could never

Unhappy clubbers of the week


My guy just wants a Maccies doesn’t he

Runners up

Being squashed at Flare Monday would be a very bad way to go

Poor guy

The guy on the right has just completely freaked out

Yahhhh mate, hands off my mango venom please

Best of the rest

Was this photo taken seconds after a massive friendzone or are they just dancing?

I just know this was so annoying to get rid of when she got home still drunk

(David Attenborough voice): “And here we see a lesser-spotted victorious Scotland rugby fan in the wild… He has been on the bevs since midday and its now midnight…”

You okay huns?

Either a polo social or a really fancy private school reunion. Let us know if you recognise those ties

Me wondering why anyone would want their photo taken at the club


The girl at the back gets it

The person in the middle is so me

Chaos, in the best way

Photo Credits:

Kealan Bond (Flare Monday and Love Wednesday)

Neil Stewart (Tamagotchi Tuesday)

David Stewart (Slice Saturday)

James Gourlay (Rascals)

Thomas Michael (Hive)

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