Rugby players allegedly made to rub hot sauce on their genitals at SRUC Agrics ‘initation’

Edinburgh University’s Sports Union has booted the club out of their intramural league

Edinburgh University’s Sports Union (EUSU) has banned the Agrics rugby team from their intramural rugby league following an investigation into alleged hazing.

The team, comprised of students from Scotland’s Rural University College (SRUC) based on King’s Buildings campus, were accused of initiating new players.

These “initiation rituals” occurred over the course of five hours and allegedly included players being forced to rub hot sauce on their genitals, have vomit poured over their heads, eat cat food, drink excessively, and enter a river.

EUSU told The Edinburgh Tab that they have a zero tolerance policy on all hazing and initiations and that they hoped the Agrics’ actions would not reflect poorly on other Edinburgh sports teams.

The initiations were first reported by members of the public to Edinburgh Uni after one of the players subjected to the initiation was found in a “dishevelled” state a train between Edinburgh and Inverness.

He had allegedly was also made to eat stock cubes and onions then strip naked before being forced to enter a river. Then he was made to leave the ritual wearing a bin bag after being covered in blood and having missiles thrown at him.

Although no players involved were University of Edinburgh students, the team played in an intramural league hosted by EUSU – and following the complaint from the public, it launched a full investigation.

After speaking with the captain of the Agrics, EUSU could confirm that these initiation rituals had taken place with several of their players in attendance so suspended the team from their league.

EUSU did not wish to provide a formal statement at this time but confirmed it has banned all players in attendance at the alleged hazing from competitions and intramural leagues in the future. It has also stressed it does not tolerate initiation ceremonies or hazing – and that they do not want this isolated incident to reflect badly on other Edinburgh Uni sports or rugby teams.

The player’s university, SRUC, have also told The Edinburgh Tab that it too will be investigating their students’ conduct and passing over any unlawful conduct to the police.

Professor Wayne Powell, Principal and Chief Executive of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), said: “We are investigating this shocking matter as we do not tolerate any behaviour that seeks to cause harm to our students. In particular, SRUC does not condone unsafe initiation ceremonies and will use the institution’s disciplinary code as a measure against such practices. Additionally, if there is any suspicion of unlawful activity, we will not hesitate to refer the matter to the police.

“Coercion of students to join a society or participate in any of its activities is not tolerated. Students with any concerns about any issue are encouraged to contact the student support team in confidence. We will investigate all cases that are reported to us.”

The SRUC Agrics captain declined our request for comment. 

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