The Lenovo Yoga is the first laptop I’ve used that hasn’t made me cry with frustration

I can actually load the software I need, yay!

As someone who has a busy lifestyle, I was in dire need of a laptop that accommodates my job, university work for my Engineering degree and overall daily tasks. I especially needed a laptop that works smoothly enough to run code-heavy programs like Unreal Engine 4 and Adobe software for my uni projects.

The Lenovo Yoga, powered by the Intel Evo platform does a particularly good job at running programs such as Photoshop and Premier Pro, and there was no delay when booting them up. I have had some trouble before with previous laptops being unable to withstand the software required for my university course which has made completing tasks very difficult and time consuming. Finally finding a laptop that has such a good battery life and runs so smoothly with the programs I require is a godsend.

Another feature of the laptop that works well with my lifestyle is how easy it is to transport. It’s slim and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around in various bags without being a hassle. The outside design of the laptop is also really cool as it is stylish and matches my aesthetic, making it a great feature when working at the office or in café’s.

When I’m not rinsing my laptop for work or university tasks, I use it (as all students do) for Netflix or the occasional computer game. The screen of this laptop is so clear and colourful, it made the experience of movie nights even more immersive and detailed. All in all, this laptop is an ideal fit for any other students needing function, style and speed.