GBBO winner Peter to bake a cupcake for every Edi student to make up for a year of online learning

You had me at cake

Bake Off winner Peter Sawkins has agreed with the University of Edinburgh to bake and send a cupcake to every Edi student to make up for a year of online learning.

Peter confirmed the news with the University this morning and told the Edinburgh Tab he is excited for the challenge ahead.  When told the University had over 40,000 students to cater for, Peter said, “Piece of cake! I’m not sure how much flour 41,000 cupcakes need, but jeepers creepers I bet it’s a lot”.

Speaking with the Bake Off winner, Peter said, “I was thrilled when I heard the news, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the next six weeks.” Sounds easy as pie Peter.

Cake > online learning any day (via peter_bakes Instagram)

VC Peter Mathieson confirms he is delighted with the news, “Peter has always been a wonderful student, but it is with great delight and relief that he has offered to bake for the entire student body. The students of Edinburgh deserve this reward, it has been a difficult year for all.”

The VC told the Edinburgh Tab, “I’m hoping for red velvet on the menu”.

The University will be sending an email to each student next week and you have until 7th April to choose your flavour. These will include, vanilla, chocolate chip, red velvet and carrot cake. There is chance to upgrade your cupcake to layered cake, for a £5 supplementary cost. These are the kind of tiers that I’m here for.

Five lucky students also have the opportunity to win a cupcake hand delivered by the baker himself. Details will be revealed in the email, including creating a poster for Peter in your window. A small price to pay for a great reward.

After a tough year, this is the news we were all hoping for. Thank you Peter, you are a real one.

By the way, you should probably check the date now. 

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