Edi students have started a petition to get a uni building named after Peter from Bake Off

How could you not sign this?

Edi students have started a petition to reward the winner of Bake Off, Peter, with a uni building named after him.

The petition is asking people to sign because “Peter from Bake Off is amazing and he is the best Edinburgh Uni student ever.”

The organisers think there should be a building named after Peter and preferably a statue too. If you agree, you can sign the petition here.

He is the youngest ever winner of Bake Off

The Edinburgh Tab spoke to Cameron Barford and Olivia Howden, the organisers of the petition, who said: “It’s fair to say Peter has already become a national treasure.

“We started the petition because we felt that as a university it is only right that they recognise his achievements.

“Being the first winner of bake off from Scotland and the youngest ever. We think he’s great and deserves some kind of recognition. ”

When asked what building they would like to see Peter’s name attached to, they said: “We don’t mind, as long as it’s a big one, or there could be a statue of him in Bristo Square or even rename George Square to Peter Square.”

They’re also up for Peter themed merch “and a Peter themed Big Cheese night called The Big Cake.” I’m in if you are.

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