Single on Valentine’s Day? Sign up for Edinburgh Goes Dating and never feel alone again

Who needs Tinder when you have The Tab?

While the cold winter nights may be getting warmer, cuffing season may be drawing to a close, and the last remaining photos of your mate from home’s ugly boyfriend have only just left your feed, the hunt for love during what is now the 12th month of the pandemic is still going stronger than ever.

While it’s not looking like we will be getting back to snogging cuties on the Hive dancefloor any time soon, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a chance to meet the next love of your life.

If you’re tired of being single, tired of spending nights alone in bed watching Netflix movies, tired of having to tell you friend’s back home that no, you haven’t found the one quite just yet, and tired of swiping through the thousands of Finlays, Euans, Sarahs and Rachels that make up the Edinburgh Tinder market then look no further then a new round of Edinburgh Goes Dating!

For first time players, here is a little recap of what you have to do to find true love:

Our fantastic Tab matchmakers will go through all of your questionnaire responses, hunting for your most compatible match. If we find someone that we think will make your heart sing, we will set you up on a blind date, say a little prayer, and then report back with the results to the rest of The Tab readers.

Given the current Covid situation, for the time being all dates will still be online (but don’t you worry, we still have Zoom Premium) but if you do choose to go for a second date, the world is your oyster!

To get involved, simply fill out our quick survey to tell us a little bit about who you are and what you’re looking for. We’ll read through the responses and if there is a match, shoot you a message to organise a time for your date (remember to keep your Facebook DMs open!). As the dates will be carried out from the comfort and safety of your own home, we’ll give you a theme to make things as realistic as possible; a coffee and ambient background music for morning dates, and a cocktail or glass of wine for the night.

We’ll save you the trouble of any tech problems by setting the Zoom meeting up for you, and send over a set of questions and conversation starters to avoid any possible Zoom awkwardness. But we know you’ll be able to use your natural charm and wit to ensure a brilliant time.

So, shave those legs. Get the Lynx body spray out of the cupboard. Pick your favourite nice top out (but hold the jeans). There is no reason not to sign up, we know you’ve got nothing better planned, and who knows, perhaps you might just end up meeting the one?

If you’re interested in a chance to get one step closer to your happily ever after, fill out our form below. We won’t be looking at old responses so if you’ve signed up before and would like to be considered, please fill out the form again. Happy dating!

Edinburgh Goes Dating accepts and encourages applicants from all backgrounds, genders, and sexualities. 

Participants must be university students.

Please note that in order to participate in Edinburgh Goes Dating you must be comfortable having your name, a photo of yourself and your post-date feedback published on The Edinburgh Tab. Sadly there are no exceptions to this condition.

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