What does your favourite Edi university building say about you?

If it’s Appleton Tower you need to grow up


After many months of online teaching, I think it’s fair to say that we all miss being on campus and having classes in any room other than our bedrooms.

Edinburgh is known for having some impressive university buildings, but we all know that beauty isn’t all that matters. In fact, a lot of the buildings on campus have their own unique attributes and qualities that you’d only know about if you’ve spent extensive time inside of them.

So with that in mind, here’s what your favourite Edi uni building says about you.

Old College

You’re pretty basic and let’s face it, probably an Oxbridge reject.

You like to pretend that Old College is just as grand as the colleges in Oxford and Cambridge, and you take your friends from home here when they visit in an attempt to show off. You look forward to the Old College Christmas tree going up every year even though it’s pretty underwhelming.

New College

You’re either a School of Divinity student who thinks they’re morally superior to everyone else, or as a kid you really wanted to attend Hogwarts.

On your free afternoons you stroll along the Royal Mile and down one of the closes to New College, pretending you’re on your way to Potions class with Professor Slughorn.

If only we could all live in your fantasy land, but some of us have actual lives to live.

Main Library

You’re a workaholic who thinks saying, “I’m a fourth floor kinda guy/gal” is a substitute for personality.

You spend more nights in the library than in your own bed, with the secret hope that one day someone will spot you across the desks and write an Edi Love-Letters about you.

McEwen Hall

I won’t lie is anyone’s favourite building actually McEwen Hall? Sure, it’s alright to look at and works well as a graduation venue, but there’s definitely better out there.

If McEwen Hall is genuinely your favourite Edi building, then I hate to say it but you’re probably a bit bland.

Teviot Row House

You’re a party animal who never turns down a night out.

You long for the day when you can order a pint of Tennent’s with lunch at the Library Bar again, but for now a takeaway cappuccino will have to do. You’ve been to every club in Edinburgh, but secretly The Big Cheese is your favourite.

Have you even done any work since you’ve been at uni?

40 George Square

You’re quite the daredevil and enjoy taking risks.

You ride the 40 George Square lifts up and down just for the thrill, and actively choose to go to the top floor during a storm in order to feel the building sway side to side in the wind.

You also have some seriously questionable taste.

Appleton Tower

Let’s be real, if Appleton Tower is your favourite building it’s either because you’re kinda immature and sex is constantly on your mind, or you’re just trying to be quirky.

Either way, it’s not a good look I’m afraid.

Any of the King’s Buildings

Won’t lie, I totally forgot King’s exists. Does anyone actually go here?

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