These Edinburgh clubbers of the week are way less boring than EUSA elections

Yes they are striking – strikingly fit

Stunners of the Week

Imagine being this photogenic


Girl on the right serving the camera some fire poses and she knows it

A very loveable photo for love Wednesday


Imagine looking that good all the time

Cheers to looking pretty!

When the whole squad are 10/10

Hero of the Week

Who knew playing with balls could be this much fun?


Casually wearing a sombrero into the club like its nothing new

DJs are the holy grail of nights out, we must worship them at all costs

Heroine of the Week

Someone get this girl a water bottle commercial



Serving style and she knows

When you finish the assignment and know you can sleep in the next day

Shot girls make the world go round

Unhappy Clubber of the Week

When you think about all the tuition you’ve paid to miss 3 weeks of university because of the strikes


The girl on the right screams get me a maccies and get me to bed

When you can’t remember if your 9am lecturer is striking tomorrow or not

When you remember she’s kissed other girls before you

Third-Wheel of the Week

Three is always a crowd


Now that’s just rude

WTF of the Week

This screams big dick energy


So many emotions in one photo

When you get called out for not washing your dishes for the whole semester. Shocked and upset x


“Photographer, make sure the whole squad’s involved”

What is it about having two VKs at Subway?

Peace of the Week

Horizontal peace x


Thank god she’s not in America

Classic university – peace and a VK x

When it doubt peace and pout it out x

Wholesome Content of the Week

The photo you show your grandparents when they ask you who you’re dating


Three is NOT a crowd in this instance

Nothing better than a bromance

Friendship never ends – Spice girls 2007 x

Smile if you love hand sanitiser!

Creeper of the Week

Nothing friendlier than a friendly lick


Ruining a perfectly nice photo

If you’re gonna use the peace sign, you may as well use the peace sign properly

Was the tongue really necessary?

Wanker of the Week

Now that’s just rude


Salute if you’re a wanker (unless you’re in the army, then I apologise)

Are 7 straws really that necessary – think about the turtles

This just screams wanker of the week

Flexing a bottle of Grey Goose that size will earn you a place in wanker of the week, every week

Poser of the Week

Who knew drinking water could look this good


An absolute flex having two photos taken at once #papped

Photos with the gals x

He doesn’t even need to try

Album Cover of the Week

I want to have as much fun as they’re having


Friends that cuddle together, stay together x

Cover photo material


Best of the Rest

Thursday night fun

Making crop tops and low rise jeans look good like its no big deal x

Girl on the left has some real Legally Blonde attitude

This guys dressing to impress x

Hold your friends close but your enemies closer x

Boys are still childish when they’re adults? Who would have thought…

Get yourself a friend that supports you like this guy does

Can’t tell if he’s shouting at her or trying to make a move

All you need is love x