Breaking: Pollock student tested for coronavirus comes back negative

*Breathes huge sigh of relief*

An Edinburgh University student who was tested for coronavirus has come back with a negative result.

The student, who is a resident of Holland House in Pollock Halls, began to feel unwell on Saturday evening, prompting a visit from NHS medical professionals in hazmat suits to conduct testing.

Edinburgh University has alerted residents of Pollock Halls by email that “no action needs to be taken by others staying in Pollock Halls.”

The full email reads: “As you may be aware, the NHS responded to an individual who was feeling unwell at Pollock Halls on Saturday evening. The NHS implemented precautionary measures in line with their procedures which are being applied in light of current events. We understand that this may have caused some concern.

“Public Health have confirmed that precautionary tests for Covid-19 were negative. Please be assured that no actions needs to be taken by others staying in Pollock Halls.

“Further information and advice regarding the Coronavirus can be found on the University’s health and safety website here.”