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Edinburgh students open Scotland’s first ‘sustainable’ club night

Even the toilet paper is eco-friendly

Edinburgh students belonging to the social enterprise Conscious Change are set to open Scotland's first ever sustainable club night, 'Zero Chill'.

The club night, which launches on Friday January 17th, will feature locally sourced alcohol, vegware cups and eco-friendly toilet paper as part of its sustainable offering.

Conscious Change Event Organiser, Imogen McAndrew, has described the night as a celebration of "global music diversity and global conscious change".

The ethos behind Zero Chill is to "act locally and impact globally", achieved through implementing sustainable practices in almost every aspect of the night.

All proceeds from the event will be re-invested in Conscious Change, an organisation aimed at educating students about ways in which they can reduce their environmental impact throughout university life.

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Zero Chill will take place at La Belle Angele, a location specifically chosen for its predominant use of LED lighting and location within walking distance of Edinburgh's most popular student residential areas.

Alcohol behind the Zero Chill bar will be sourced from local brands with a sustainable ethos, and the plastic cups commonly used in Edinburgh nightclubs will be replaced with compostable vegware ones. For future events Conscious Change aim to implement a 'steel cup deposit scheme'.

In what is already a busy and challenging nightclub market, Conscious Change are hoping their unique selling point of sustainability will draw in the student crowds.

Imogen told The Edinburgh Tab: "Zero Chill is a club night that invites party goers to party local but think global. We have local alcohol suppliers, local DJs and local promotion with the intention of celebrating global music diversity and global conscious change."