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A breakdown of all the ways living with someone affects the friendship

Tolerating their dirty dish pile is just the start

Sorting out post-halls living situations is perhaps one of the most stressful parts of being a student.

Going to viewing after viewing, knowing the rent is going to be extortionate, and trying to navigate your friendship group to find people you like enough to want to see all the time, is no easy feat.

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of all the ways your friendships will change after you move in together.

You'll learn quickly that you're all messy and annoying

This is quite simply a fact of life. You might think it's insidious that your flatmates don't colour code their wardrobe, and they definitely think the same about the remnants of your chips and gravy from four nights ago.

Everyone is messy and irritating in their own special, individual way. The silver lining? When you all wake up after a night out in last nights clothes, make up, with your contact lenses still in, there's no judgement. You accept each other for the truly embarrassing states that you are.

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You're inevitably going to steal everything from each other

At first, you have a system. You'll take turns buying milk and butter, but this goes to shit by the end of Freshers' Week. It all starts when you "borrow" a bagel or a can of chickpeas, with the promise to pay them back. All of a sudden you're getting ready for a night out and they're in your favourite jeans and they're screaming at you because you finished their Mario Badescu face wash, which they DID NOT intend to share. Just say you're a communist house hold, because that way all ideas of ownership are completely out the window.

You all have completely different tastes

They think that your addiction to pickles and barbecue sauce is certifiably insane, and you think the frozen pigs in blankets they order in bulk from ASDA are a disgrace to mankind. They don't know who Joy Division are and you think Ariana Grande is severely over rated – but life's about variety, right?

You can set your differences aside on nights out, and agree that Hotline Bling is a banger, but be ready to scrap every movie night, and be prepared for war when you try to make a flat party playlist.

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You know every one of each other's story word for word

Honestly, after a year together, you'll be able to name each others first, second and third cousins and their entire high school friendship group. You have told each other every single funny or outrageous anecdote in your repertoire multiple times.

You can switch from friend to angry mother at the drop of a hat

You pretend to be all cool and calm about life, but the reality is you love these people too much to be at all chill. If they aren't home by 9pm on a weekday, you have severe anxiety and don't hesitate to lecture them about anything and everything.

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Their pain is your pain

You cry together over boy stuff, stress over exams, and feel genuinely really bad for them when they screw up an essay. You're always red with wine and a cuddle at the end of a shit week.

You all have severe online shopping addictions

You try to hide it from each other, but everyday a new parcel is arriving. It's really the person with the ASOS addiction who is everyones bff because she'll let you borrow anything and everything and it's guaranteed she'll forget you ever took it. Oh, yes and every night out starts with an hour long fashion show.

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You'll learn very quickly to hate the person with the guitar and the record player

Kingsley from Fresh Meat is not a role model. Get a Spotify account and a bluetooth speaker like a normal person.

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You don't hesitate to call each other out on their shit

Sometimes, you just need someone to tell you that you're being a bit of a wanker, and who better to do this than your flatmates? All your annoying habits are put under a microscope, you know what winds you up, and what winds them up, so after a few months of living together sparing each others feelings doesn't even occur. You are blunt, upfront and honest with each other, and that's the best way for life to be.

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*rolls eyes*

These people will be your friends for life

Seriously, if you can survive living with someone and still want to spend time with them, then it's too late now – you're stuck with them forever.