Marni Rose McFall

Marni Rose McFall
Edinburgh University


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An Edi student has made a map of alternative places to study during strikes

“I wanted to make it easier for students to support the strike”

The Cyprus rape case is a travesty and we need to be outraged by it

This is a national tragedy

A group of PhD students are occupying CMB to protest lack of working space

‘We want to have our voices heard’

Revision is stressful enough as it is, time to cancel the library police

Fuck (and I cannot stress this enough) off

Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter turned down Love Island because she didn’t want to be the ‘token fat one’

Emily Clarkson got the call, but turned it down

All the emotional stages of your landlord fucking you over

‘Okay I’m going for a pee outside lol’

University student dies by suicide after girlfriend sent hundreds of texts saying ‘go die’

He died 90 minutes before graduating

The Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show is looking for models this evening

Fancy yourself as the next Kate Moss?

The ultimate guide to Main Library etiquette​

Essentially how to not be a garbage ass human x

Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell have been spotted filming in Edinburgh

They were only 15 minutes from George Square

Here are the Best Dressed of Fly Open Air 2019

TechNO? TechYES!

Man jailed for stealing £80,000 worth of books from Edinburgh uni libraries

He then sold them back to students

Man jailed for stealing £80,000 worth of books from Edinburgh universities

He then sold them back to students

These are the 16 tragic things all British girls did during sleepovers in the 2000s

There was literally nothing purer

We need to stop coming for women who know what they want ​

My priority is me and I’m not sorry ​

It’s official: These are the poshest uni halls in the country

The results are pretty surprising ​​​

Quiz: Which Love Island 2019 couple are you and your significant other?

Peak if it’s Maura and Tom

Are you a girl’s girl? Take this quiz to find out

Don’t be like Lucie

A serious investigation into which Love Islanders smoke

Anna loves a cigar

These are the 15 podcasts every girl needs to listen to right now

From The Guilty Feminist to Yo Is This Racist?

The 2019 Love Island contestants as Edinburgh club nights


A definitive ranking of the most unbearable YouTube couples

They’re all awful tbh

Your old Disney video tapes could be worth £14,000

Gutted if your mum’s thrown them out

Turns out cigarette butts are worse for the ocean than plastic straws

First cancer, now climate change

Joe refuses to apologise for ‘controlling’ behaviour towards Lucie

He said he has nothing to be sorry for

These are the most tragic sponsored posts from the Made in Chelsea cast

Sam Thompson wants you to buy a hoover!!

Edinburgh ranked best for Veterinary Science, Nursing and Midwifery

The Guardian ranked Edinburgh as the UK’s 25th best university

Edinburgh is the 20th best university in the WORLD

It ranks as the fifth best in the UK

Stay with me here, but Wetherspoons is overrated

There are so many better options

Entire Edinburgh University Staff LGBT Network resign over controversial speaker

The resignations protest the platforming of controversial feminist Julie Bindel

A man has been stabbed in a daylight attack today in Edinburgh

He sadly passed away at the scene

The Jeremy Kyle Show was nothing more than exploitative poverty porn – thank god it’s finally cancelled

Humiliating someone’s private life for entertainment is just wrong

A new Wetherspoons ‘superpub’ is soon to be opening on Nicolson Street

This is not a drill

A critical list of first date don’ts

Cos clearly y’all need some guidance

London to Edinburgh trains will cost less than £25 with a new budget rail link

Choo choo hooray!

What does your favourite Edinburgh club night say about you?

A study more critical than any mid-term you’ll ever write

The Halifax on Princes Street has been evacuated after ‘suspicious package’ found

Trams have been stopped and parts of the road closed

A breakdown of all the ways living with someone affects the friendship

Tolerating their dirty dish pile is just the start

How to be a good friend to anyone with mental health issues

What to do, and what absolutely not to do

How to survive the long-distance friendships with your friends on their years abroad

It’s the quality of time spent together, not quantity

My mum is a lecturer at my university, nowhere is safe

The good, the bad and the ugly

Clubbers of the Week

You know what it is

From sausage roll outrage to severely outdated stereotypes: Why it’s time to shut up about veganism

Just let people live

What I’ve learnt from my struggle with depression at university

It’s okay not to be okay

We need to forget the slogan t-shirts and realise that feminism isn’t a fashion statement

Slogan jersey separates don’t help anyone

Here are the 10 emotional stages of having mice in your student flat

We’ve all gone through every single one of these

How not to be a total dick to the person serving you in a bar, by a bartender

It’s a harder job than people think

A definitive guide to everyone you’ll meet whilst travelling

Stay away from the Barney

Girls at Edinburgh tell us their worst stories of being groped on nights out

‘He grabbed my hand and rubbed it against his groin’

Unpopular opinion: Love Island is problematic trash

I can’t be the only one who doesn’t get it