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Let’s relive the magic with a breakdown of all the people you’re bound to have met on the Edinburgh ski trip

Do you even ski, bro?

Welcome back to Edinburgh. Second semester has already hit you hard, with the shock of the first lecture back being as painful as trying to make it onto the slopes for 9am.

Just last week you were swishing through the fresh powder with your biggest worry being whether you could secure a good table at Après. Oh, what you'd do to be back in the Alps.

If you're really feeling the post mountain blues, let's relive the magic with a breakdown of all the people you're bound to have met on the Edinburgh ski trip.

The one with all the gear but no idea

"Off piste is actually way easier?"

This person can be found wearing a GoPro on their helmet accompanied by neon ski suit. This skiing sensation is a fearless newbie who thinks that "blue and black runs are the same, right?"

Having learnt to ski in a day on a dry slope back in Edinburgh, these snow sport beginners dive straight in with their semi-pro mates. They're not afraid to take a couple tumbles as they bomb it down the mountain, unworried about whether they'll make it in one piece.

The lodgers

These people were unsure what they were signing up for, but they are the epitome of "sleep all day, party all night". They're very happy to stay in the chalet all day as they're all about the chill. It turns out they didn't even rent ski gear, but they did buy tickets to every event and have already secured VIP at Après. You do you mate.

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Forget the skiing, it's all about the food

The golden oldie

This one is truly in their element when submerged in sub-zero climates. They came out of the womb skiing their way onto the slopes. Finally having the annual chance to dust off their vintage ski suit again, they are back where they belong. This is definitely not their first rodeo. They are a pro in all things snow sports and not afraid to tell you.

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Born to ski

Rise and shine adventurer

This person has their morning alarm set and they are ready to be the first on the slopes and the last off. They are typically heard saying things like, "Yeah, I just skied to Switzerland and back this morning, where did you go?" or, "I just knocked up a quick 20km before lunch". With the piste map memorised by the end of day one and the fresh powder snow on day two, good luck hunting them down, they're off.

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See you on the slopes

The snowboarder

"Don't know what you guys are doing but I'm off to rail jam"

If there's one thing snowboarders love doing, it's telling you how much cooler they are than skiers. I'll be the first to admit that snowboarding is cool, but only up until the point where the run flattens out and they're begging to use my poles to drag themselves as far as possible before unclipping a foot and walking the rest of the way. Obsessed with tricks and flips, the snowboarders are their own breed that us skiers will never understand.

Après royalty

This girl is purely on the trip to get piste (if you pardon the pun) and if lost, can be found at Folie Douche dancing on a table for four hours. They're often heard making comments such as "looks a bit icy today" or "skiing in the fog is no fun anyway". There's only one place they're looking to head.

They definitely aren't heading to Après straight off the slopes as it's impossible to dance properly in ski boots. Following a hot shower, an outfit change and a quick insta, this Après queen is the definition of "where's my party people at?" being chanted by the DJ.

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All downhill from here

You definitely met all these characters on the trip but that certainly won't stop you going again next year and embracing every single one of them.

See you on the slopes.