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We’re looking for Edinburgh’s maddest fresher – could it be you?

Nominations are now open

We’ve all got that mate who goes out six nights a week, never makes it to their lectures and always gets stopped for a chat by someone they “know” as they innocently stroll through George Square.

Everything they do comes with a story to tell by the end of it. Maybe they once started the night in Hive, and ended up in Aberdeen. Maybe they’re known for drowning their first-year sorrows in Moet. Maybe their pres are so epic that they’ve hired a bouncer to filter out all the nobodies.

These are Edinburgh’s maddest freshers.

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If this is you, or your flatmate, or THAT person you always see out and about, off their face, with traffic cones on every limb, you’ve got to let us know!

Fill out the form below, and nominate the person you think is worthy of being crowned Edinburgh’s Maddest Fresher 2018.