Edinburgh Uni reach peak Edinburgh Uni and release their own official tweed

Tweed jackets, trousers, berets and ties are all on sale in the uni gift shop

Well, folks. Just as you thought Edinburgh Uni couldn’t get any more Edinburgh, they’ve only gone and launched their own university tweed line.

A video put out by the uni today shows our fellow students trying on tweed jackets, tweed trousers, tweed ties, and tweed berets. There's literally so much tweed!

The bespoke range aims capture and represent the colours of the city and the university, featuring Geography teacher green, and Grandad Grey (basically).

University of Edinburgh Official Tweed

The first bespoke tweed to be created for a university has been previewed by our student athletes. The design captures colours from the city and the University. The collection is available to purchase from Edinburgh-based tailors Walker Slater. https://edin.ac/2yqPeLi

Posted by The University of Edinburgh on Monday, October 22, 2018

All of the items are on sale in the University Gift Shop and the Walter Slater store by Grassmarket, but they don't come cheap. The jackets weigh in at a whopping £320, the trousers are £120, and the waistcoats are £110. There are also other "smaller items" on sale, including bags (£95), Peaky caps (£45) and ties (£35).

No longer will you have to spend your evenings wading your way through the Urban Outfitters site, desperately trying to find something that you like, and your flatmate doesn’t already have.

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You can simply head over to the gift shop, fill your basket with the new range. BOOM, you’ve nailed the Edinburgh uni look.

And don't be disheartened if the the turtlenecks aren't actually on sale – you go to Edinburgh, you've definitely got all the turtlenecks you’ll ever need.

Photo credit: The University of Edinburgh