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A highly scientific prediction of what you’ll be wearing this Halloween, based entirely on your degree


A certain type of person takes a certain type of degree, and a certain type of person wears a certain type of Halloween costume. This means a certain type of degree wears a certain type of Halloween costume, right? Science. This may be questionable logic, but are we wrong? Never.

Read on to watch us accurately predict what "terrifying" attire students from each degree will be wearing this Halloween.

English Literature

In tune with the high calibre of basic girls enrolled in an English Lit degree, think the most generic/girly-girl costume imaginable. They’ll almost definitely wear that stereotypical, sexy cat costume (I use the word "costume" lightly – think more black bodysuit, knee-high boots and eyeliner whiskers) but will claim it’s inspired by T. S. Eliot’s The Naming of Cats. Alternatively, they’ll opt for Cher’s iconic plaid combo in Clueless, which, again, is a choice they’ll defend by reminding you how the film was loosely based on Jane Austen’s Emma.

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Look no further than your 9am tutorial for costume inspo


Considering the languages they study, the people, the civilisation, and their chat, is all – to put it frankly – dead, it will come as no surprise to see your token Latin coursemate rock up dressed as some zombie/walking dead hybrid. They’ll have thrown it together last minute due to the disgusting amount of reading they have to do for their course, so expect fake blood in the form of felt tip pen on a white t-shirt, and perhaps a naughty rip or two if they had the time.

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Caecilius est in da club


As avid eco warriors and saviours of our beloved mother Earth, you can put money on the fact that Geography students’ costumes will be handmade from sustainable materials only, as well as being entirely recyclable, biodegradable, and probably vegan too.

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Handmade, recyclable, and combats overpopulation all in one. Go figure, condom box girl


Like the degree, Law students tend to edge on the side of dull. No slutty cat costumes or boobs out for them – they’re far too concerned with how such explicit imagery could damage their ever-so-important future career prospects. They play it safe, and, for the most part, very boring also. They’ll rock up at pres dressed as a tourist or gap year student (SO imaginative) and probably sneak off to bed before hitting the club – a disappearing act far scarier than any costume they could produce.

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Don't claim to be a 'spy' when you're just straight-up boring


They voluntarily deal with bodily fluids on a daily basis, so it will come as no surprise to see your medic mate pitching up covered head-to-toe in fake blood and looking like an extra from Braveheart. “Jinkees, that looks SO authentic, is it real blood?” you’ll jokingly exclaim, before suddenly getting the vibe that there could be something much more sinister going on here. You strategically keep your distance for the rest of the night, and just pray that the university hospital locks their store cupboards at night.

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I really hope that blood came from Superdrug


Business students are scary enough as it is, with their impressive resumé of work experience, summer internships, volunteering schemes, and the NGO they helped set up to help starving donkeys across the world secure access to nutrient-dense GMO hay. They're intimidatingly successful and they know it – hence, no real costume is needed. Dressing like the the boss-ass bitch they truly are is their most natural choice.

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Scarily sexy


Considering their whole degree entails learning about famous figures who did cool stuff like casually discover America, history students have an abundance of costume ideas to choose from. Spoilt for choice, they’ll usually end up panicking and dressing up as someone too niche for their own good. They'll get super offended, however, when you clock their bog-standard white sheet and rudely assume they are dressed as a simple ghost. It’s clearly the beheaded ghost of Anne Boleyn who wanders the corridors of her former home Hever Castle at night, duh! Read a book.

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A pirate!? Wtf it's clearly Mary Magdalene?


Art students have been counting down the days to Halloween since the 1st November last year. It's the one chance they have to showcase their talent and, boy, do they go to town. They started sketching ideas in August, ordering fabrics and materials in September, and will still be up until 4am the night before Halloween perfecting their "final piece". Of course, they'll look absolutely incredible and quite possibly even scary at pres, but darling, that masterpiece of a costume is getting ripped to absolute shreds at Bongos later on.

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Surely not one of these costumes survived the sesh


Being the outspoken creatures that they are, if anyone is going to dress as anything politically incorrect or verging on cultural appropriation, it will be your politics pal (who you’re low-key convinced supports Trump anyway). They’re arrogant enough to carry it off, but, even so, kicking off a fiery debate was probably on their agenda anyway – what politics student doesn’t relish a good old-fashioned stand-off to kill the vibe at pres? I bet, as opposed to that final outfit check in the mirror before they left, they rehearsed quotes to support their pre-planned argument instead. Absolute wettos.

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Making Halloween great again

Science-based degrees

Scientists are all a little odd and not only do they know it, but they rock it. This reflects in their rather unusual and very niche choices of Halloween costumes, but good on them. It takes a very brave person to rock up to the club dressed as a grape. 10/10 for creativity.

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Looking grape!

History of Art

Their costumes will be highly detailed and extremely well thought through, especially considering they see symbolism in everything. When they finally stop banging on about how the arrow points from A to Z in the Amazon logo, or how wearing Adidas is empowering as the three stripes actually represent mountains, and serve as a daily reminder to never give up on your goals, they might actually find the time to throw a banging outfit together. Expect intricate details, hidden symbols, and getting stuck in very long conversations about their deeper meanings with them at pres.

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Go on, ask about the juxtaposition of the skull and flowers