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Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 1

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It’s that time of the year again where we find out who is Edinburgh's biggest BNOC.

We've received many colourful nominations, and are kicking things off with five of the outstanding contenders. Which one deserves the BNOC crown the most?

Smalley Edwards, first year, Philosophy and Politics

Smalley started his time at the University of Edinburgh in full stride. In his second week of uni, he found himself playing fly half for the first team in the Varsity match, in front of a whopping 10,000 people at Murrayfield.

He describes himself as sociable, out-going and confident, which explains why he already knows around 500 people here in Edinburgh alone. Not bad for a first year.

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Camilla Roberts, first year, Art

Camilla reckons it would be easier to count the people she didn't know in Edinburgh, rather than those she did. She calls herself funny, sexy and cool, but admits to stealing people's tobacco on a regular basis, so you can be the judge of the latter.

It is cool however that Camilla is writing her own book, called '365 days of sky'. One time, when she took a hike up Arthur's Seat to find some inspiration, she had a fall and ended up breaking her ankle. She had to be carried back down. Not ideal.

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Hamish Mynott, first year, Sports Management

Hamish backs himself to be the life of the party. He currently has 1,777 friends on Facebook, which has risen from the total of 940 he had when first arriving at university.

This year, Hamish took his debut visit to a casino, which resulted in him winning £200 straight off the bat. He spent his winnings in Destiny, a strip club at the heart of Edinburgh's pubic triangle.

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Yivani Zuma, second year, Economics

Yivani boasts a time when somebody approached him in a nightclub and say, "Hey Zuma, big fan – can I grab a photo?"

This says it all really. He prides himself for having a "big ass personality", and reckons he personally knows around 1,200 people, which is simply outrageous.

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Henry Coldstream, third year, Philosophy and Linguistics

Henry is the oldest of this bunch, which explains why he can confidently call himself the "savviest of men". He's known by many in Edinburgh, having always had a prominence in the city's theatre scene.

He's currently a member of Edinburgh's longest standing improv group, 'The Improverts' and says: "It feels great to make other people laugh, but also surely everyone's always improvising? Just because I'm up on stage does that make me better than everyone watching? Okay, maybe a bit, but I love my fans.”

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