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Edinburgh: Are you supporting the upcoming strikes? Take our poll

Yay or nay

Whether it's in your seminar, your lecture or your group chat, it seems like it's all anyone's talking about at the minute. The upcoming strikes over staff pensions are set to start on Monday across the rest of the country, but won't start in Edinburgh until we return from – the often unattended, but always observed – Festival of Creative Learning.

EUSA have been vocally supportive of striking staff, there are supportive meetings organised by students scheduled to take place across the university, and petitions have been set up outside of the library. But what do you think about it?

We realise it may depend on whether you have tutors who are striking in the first place, where the picket lines will actually be and what assessments you have coming up. But as of now, will you be supporting Edinburgh's strike?

If you have any strong opinions on this topic that you'd like to share please message the Tab Edinburgh Facebook page or email us at [email protected].