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How to spend Valentine’s Day without having to leave George Square

You won’t be the only one who has left it last minute

Valentine's Day may have caught some of you at a bad time. It's the fifth week into the semester and it may be the case that all the plans you thought you'd be making to make this years Valentine's Day kick last years ass didn't quite pull through for one reason or another.

But it is too late now, most of the nice restaurants are fully booked for dinner, and you don't have quite enough time to think of something great to do that doesn't look like a last minute plea for a romantic gesture.

Fear not, as it happens there are plenty of things you can do to make V Day extra special without even having to leave George Square.

Have a candlelit dinner in the Library Bar

By day, the library bar may just be a place you meet with your pals before your tutorials to chat through the tutorial exercises and chomp down some nachos, but by night there can be quite a transformation.

The candles get lit, and the ambiance that the library bar has is second to no other restaurant in Edinburgh, no matter how many Michelin stars some might have.

A Michelin star versus a candle lit dinner in one of the finer establishments the universities in Midlothian have to offer? There really is no contest.

Take in the romantic view on the eleventh floor of DHT

Arthur's Seat is one thing. But after you've made the windy hike up to the top, your cheeks are bright red, your hair looks like something you'd see in a video on BBC Bitesize when learning about static electricity, and you realise that it's bloody cold up there.

However, what you could do to avoid the extreme Scottish conditions, is take a more leisurely stroll up the eleven flights of stairs until you reach the top of DHT.

The view of the city is fantastic, and if you don't fancy a walk at all, then just take the elevator.

Have a picnic in the George Square Gardens

This is an option for the day or night. Find a bench, whip out the Shloer (because you will have to go back to the library at some point), and take in the blissful vibes that a busy day on campus provides.

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Get up close and personal in the library lift

Perhaps you haven't yet plucked up the courage to talk to your library crush. You are still at the stage where you occasionally make very brief, deliberate eye contact as you gaze around the library watching other people achieve whilst you procrastinate.

Maybe this will be the day you bump into each other in the cramped and unbearably silent lift up to the fourth floor.

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Cloud watch in Potterrow Dome

When you're sat beneath the glass ceiling gazing up at the sunny blue sky, it really feels like you're staring somewhere close to heaven.

Also, this is great because no one really goes to Potterrow in the day (unless they just love EUSA) so this could be the perfect romantic hot spot to bag for yourself and you valentine on the special day.

Reenact the dreamy scene from '10 Things I Hate About You' on the steps in front of the Business School

Everybody knows the scene I mean. Be bold. Stand on the steps and make a STATEMENT.