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It’s 2018, people need to stop hating on Ugg Boots

Vive la UGG-ly shoe!

2017 was a year defined by our fashion-boners for anything noughties, corduroy and downright ugly. With the return of the noughties full steam ahead, the ensuing resurrection of the Ugg isn't such a leap in logic.

From the Kardashian's nasty see-through stilettos (you know the ones) to Crocs on the catwalks of Balenciaga and Christpoher Kane, the fugly shoe is the top of the fashion checklist.

Granted, the increasing number of Uggs sported in Edi may be a bias sample as it doesn't take a genius to work out that it's bloody freezing up here. However what distinguishes the trend from the prospering Classic Reebok epidemic is that Uggs are worn not just by the 90's babies, but by perfectly contoured millennials alike – thus proving that the reemergence is down to more than a misguided sense of nostalgia. Millennials can't be nostalgic for something they've never experienced before.

Uggs are following the current trajectory of fugly footwear, no longer are Uggs bound as an extension of the Juicy tracksuit – their incarnation has birthed a high fashion, versatile boot.

We've upgraded our Burberry-check mini dress for heritage print coats and trousers. Uggs are no longer the clunky, awkward boot used to make our legs look skinnier in our Joni jeans, but an extension of a carefree, androgynous ensemble.

Our mums might call them ugly, square, and arthritis in sheeps clothing, but the Ugg symbolises what we crave in today's street-style fashion; comfort. Today is athleisure's prime, you only have to scroll through best dressed pages to see that there's more Nike than Narcisco Rodriguez. The Ugg champions the theology of athleisure, and should be the boot we return to when our toes have frozen in our fly-knits on the way back from the gym. They should be worn with the same pride we give our 'vintage' GAP jumpers and corduroy flares – undoubtedly just as horrendous.

In the age of insta influencers, we are hot on the trail of any trend they promote, from charity bracelets to those offensive feathered eyebrows. Until now, our devotion to the 'gram hasn't extended itself to the Ugg boot, but in the past year, the revolution has been gathering momentum. They've been seen on everyone from model of the year Adwoa Aboah, to Queen RihRih.

While Paris Hilton may claim to be the mastermind behind everything we are doing now, the revival of the Ugg boot proves her wrong. No longer are they the non-negotioable uniform of Regina George groupies, but an institution for the modern student.