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Stop moaning about snowy Edinburgh, it’s the best thing ever

Yes, I do want to build a snowman

As soon as it snows even a little bit, people start to lose their minds and love having a good old moan about how inconvenient it all is. Yes, it's slightly more slippy outside than usual, and you may find yourself having to sacrifice a fashionable outfit to wear something a little more practical, but the snow is great. So put your long johns on, and make use of the hat, gloves and scarf set that your mum bought you from M&S for Christmas.

Earlier this week, the Meadows were filled with excited students, families and snowmen as the snow was falling thick and fast. There were even sights of sleds gliding across the Bruntsfield Links. This is the right way to enjoy the snow in Edinburgh, especially since the city has not seen snow like this in years.

For those who are more negative about the snow, just remember that there is nothing quite as beautiful as Edinburgh in the snow, and perhaps you should stop moaning.

One month ago people were quite literally dreaming of snow, but now Christmas has been and gone people seem to be more than happy to trudge through the next few months of drizzle and wait for Summer to appear. This is not me. If it's going to be cold then there may as well be something nice that comes with it, like snow. When it snows, everything looks bright and glistening, which makes a change from everything being grey and muddy.

Sadly, Edinburgh is already saying goodbye to its snowy blanket, but if the forecast is correct then we could be graced with one final sprinkling of the good stuff on Sunday before we return to the miserable January special that is heavy rain and horrible wind. So get out there and go and enjoy it while you still can, you can't build a Rainman.