A collection of Twitter’s most savage take-downs of Edinburgh Uni students

Um wow ok

It's no secret that us Edinburgh Uni students get a bad rep. We'd probably hate us too if we invaded our hometown, pretended we had a family tartan and tried to make Hive our own.

There has to be a place to vent this anger, however, and what better place than the public forum that is Twitter? So, we put together a collection of some of the best, some which we have to admit are true, and some which are downright offensive. Enjoy.

There are some out there who've obviously had to deal with the *stereotypical* Edi student…

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Hetty's not the only one

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Don't bring the avocados into this

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Ain't that tru

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It really does suck

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A theme

…and others who hate how we dress…

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To be fair The Tab were making this joke in 2k15

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Some of us don't even have to try x x

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Unsure about this one

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We know exactly what you mean

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…some have clearly been loved and left…

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who hurt u

…some which are hard to argue with…

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At least you're honest

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No comment

…and others who are just downright savage.


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Um thanks?

Are *all* of us though?

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