I tested some of Edinburgh’s most famous pizzerias to find the city’s best pizza

Someone had to do the research

It's no secret that Edinburgh boasts some top-notch pizza establishments – from Leith to Haymarket, there's a wealth of places to satisfy your tomato and mozzarella cravings.

But as an avid pizza fan and wannabe food critic, I found myself plagued by a question – which pizza place is really the best?

Which one is closest to uni? And which place has the best deals? Is it everyone's fave, La Favorita? Maybe the new Dough on South Clerk Street? Or should we just stick to Pizza Express?

In the end, I decided to take one for the team and commence a scientific research project, which involved stuffing my face with pizza every day for a week – all for the benefit of you, dear reader. What a martyr.

P.S. Apologies in advance if you hate aubergines.


just look at that fresh, crusty goodness

just look at that fresh, crusty goodness

I started off with the least Italian pizza ever – one from Söderberg, Quartermile's very own Swedish bakery.

Maybe its Scandi origins explain why somehow this pizza seemed healthier than all the others – dark sourdough base, fresh veggies and lack of greasiness included. The artful sprinkles of black pepper and chilli flakes finishing it off nicely, almost as if it had been lovingly crafted by Salt Bae himself.

The pizzas here are slightly on the pricier side, and they don't have a huge choice of toppings – but if you're looking for something fresh-tasting, maybe try it out.

The bakery itself is also really cozy.


note the beer for size comparison

note the beer for size comparison

Everyone's noticed the new Civerino's Slice on Forrest Road – and maybe spent a few minutes standing at the top of Middle Meadow Walk hesitating between grabbing a bite to eat there or at Bar Burrito.

Well, burritos are always a good idea – but the pizza at Civerino's was SO good that it tempted me away from my usual Mexican and awakened in me a new dedication for all things Italian.

Obviously you can go for a slice if you're only out for a snack, but the greedier among us will probably want to opt for a 20" sharing pizza.

We got ours half aubergine parmigiana, and half spicy meatball – and both were incredible. The base was good, but the toppings definitely rule here – and the punny names will always raise a chuckle too. Upon biting into the pleasantly oily, pre-fried aubergine, my aubergine-obsessed flatmate declared that "once you have a good aubergine, it changes your life".

Normally it's on the pricier end of the scale, but soon Civerino's will actually launch a new student offer – unlimited slices and a tinny for £10, Monday-Wednesday, from 9pm-11pm. Amazing.


top points for the stylish wooden paddle

top points for the stylish wooden paddle

Dough gets top points for student deals – 10% off for all students, as well as a bargain lunchtime deal where all the pizzas are half price, making them all about £5 or £6.

As well as the original branch on Rose Street, their new location on South Clerk Street is super convenient for us students. The restaurants themselves are pretty tiny, which makes me think they're more of a delivery place.

More plus points for the cute decor and impressive selection of fancy oils with Italian names to drench your pizza in, though.

Funnily enough the dough was the USP here – something to do with the seawater they put in it – it was really soft and chewy, but in a good way.

Sadly, toppings left a bit to be desired – after the religious experience of Civerinos aubergine, the three flimsy pieces of vinegary veggie on my pizza were disappointing. Though that's probably just me being fussy.

Pizza Posto

mozzarella love

mozzarella love

Ah, Pizza Posto – only a few steps from Appleton Tower, they shamelessly try to suck us students in with very overt marketing slogans such as "EDINBURGH'S CHEAPEST PIZZA".

Well, this time, in the name of journalism, my flatmates and I were willingly sucked in.

They're not wrong on the pricing front – a margharita was £6, and pretty damn tasty for the price. Their menu wasn't very extensive, and the plain option almost looked like the best one – but whatever you want to add on top, the thin-base to satisfyingly-chewy-crust ratio is a win.

La Favorita

small but perfectly formed

small but perfectly formed

Last but not least, the most famed of Edinburgh pizzas – La Favorita.

La Fav's strong points are definitely the range of flavours – whether you want something basic or a bit more out there, they've got it – as well as the fact that they deliver to the majority of Edi postcodes. It's not the cheapest, but it's reliably good – plus for the coeliacs among us, its gluten-free pizzas are reportedly amazing too.

A lazy student classic, La Fav is the one to go for if you're too hungover or just CBA to leave your bed. Always a winner.

As to whether it beats Civerino's aubergines, well that's for you to judge!