Official: Labour is the most popular party amongst Edinburgh students

*spoiler alert* it’s not UKIP

Last week's poll asked Edinburgh students who they would be voting for in the General Election on the 8th of June. After what seems longer than the Big Cheese queue the results are in.

The pro- Labour squad outside the library seems to be paying off as Labour came out on top with 34 per cent of the votes votes compared to the 22 per cent for the Conservatives and 21 per cent for the SNP.

Lefties getting their voting on

Lefties getting their voting on

Of course the SNP's popularity is because we are, y'know, in Scotland so this won't reflect the majority of the UK.

Interestingly, only fourteen per cent said that they'll vote for the Lib Dems.

Other votes went to the Green Party with five per cent of the share, whilst three people said they'll vote for UKIP.

The poll also asked what influenced people's minds on who they'd vote for. Most Edi students' votes are motivated by policy (51 per cent) whilst the second most influential motivation being "No better option", stealing 21 per cent of the votes.

If we really want this election to make a change make sure that you register to vote by the 22nd of May and make your vote count.