I spend my spare time looking after other people’s dogs around Edinburgh

It’s all the best bits of owning a dog without the vet bills and responsibility

Think long walks in the park, unlimited cuddles and someone who loves you for more than just Netflix and chill. Sadly student lifestyle isn’t geared up to owning anything past a goldfish and even that’s questionable.

Some unis have started up therapy hours around exams but fighting other stressed students for an hour time slot just isn’t the same as having exclusive chill time.

I spend my spare time in Edinburgh with some of the cutest and friendliest dogs imaginable. This is how you can too.


Let me introduce you to Borrow My Doggy

Borrow My Doggy is an app and a website that connects dog owners needing a bit of day care with people in need of some doggy TLC.

So how does it work? The first stage to becoming a borrower is signing up and becoming verified. This costs £12.99 a year. This might seem a lot but realistically, it’s just the price of a few cocktails. Also, if we’re being honest, vodka doesn’t bring happiness like a puppy can. Verification allows you to message other users and insures you 24/7, meaning you can even have a sleepovers and holiday stays.

The best part is that it works around your lifestyle. Got an exam one week? No problem. Borrow My Doggy is completely voluntary so you’re never obligated to doing it. It’s all on your terms. Owners provide you with poo bags, treats and useful contacts so all you have to do is have fun.

So let me introduce you to my weekly regulars.

Bailey aka ‘ The exam stress buster’

Feeling stressed, needing a well-deserved break? Meet Bailey.  She’s a three and a half aged Miniature Schnauzer.  Bailey is a real cutie who loves nothing more than a long walk through the meadows.  Her sassy personality is the ultimate cure for when you’re feeling overloaded with work. Bailey’s cute quirk of tapping you with her paw to demand affection is the ultimate reliever for even the biggest deadlines.

Hamish aka ‘The ultimate wingman’

Hamish at the pub

Hamish is a cheeky chap aged five. Like many typical males he loves the pub. Nothing makes Hamish happier than when he’s sat getting to know anybody and everybody. The best part for you? He has no fear of rejection. He doesn’t need any hints to go up to the hottest person and ask for a belly rub. Hamish is your ultimate wingman.

Daisy aka ‘The cuddle lover’


With Daisy around you never have to worry about single life again. Daisy wants your cuddles and love all of the time. Being a registered therapet Daisy is the perfect companion for movie afternoons and lunch dates. Nothing is better than being met at the door with Daisy bounding into your arms.