Hallelujah! You can now buy pre-sale tickets for the Big Cheese

Dreams can come true

In what could be the best news of the year so far, EUSA have introduced pre-sale tickets for Big Cheese, so that you can now queue-jump.

Tickets go on sale at the Teviot reception every Saturday from 7pm onwards and are priced at £4.

And the best bit? last entry is 12am. Gone are the days of rushing through pres to get back for 11pm.

However, tickets are limited and you can only purchase two pre-sale tickets per person.

As well as this, you must enter Potterrow via the Chaplaincy entrance with a valid UoE matric card, suggesting pre-sale tickets are only open to Edinburgh University students.

The EUSA Vice President of Services, Jenna Kelly, told The Tab: “Pre-sale tickets for Big Cheese are approaching their 3rd trial run, and so far the system seems to be working well. We’ve sold out on all occasions and are looking forward to exploring further potential opportunities in this area.”

Happy strawpeadowing!