Edinburgh Library has set up mouse traps to fight an infestation

One student had his gingerbread man stolen by a mouse

The University has installed mouse traps in the Central Library this week to fight an ongoing rodent infestation.

The action comes after several students reported sightings of mice around the library.

Alex Brown, a Third-year Economics Students, says she saw a mouse multiple times whilst on the first floor of the library earlier this week.

Another student, Aiden Bushnell, claims a mouse stole a gingerbread biscuit from out of his jacket pocket whilst working in a pod on the first floor.

‘I had just bought the gingerbread man from Cafe Nero and was going to eat it after I’d done some work. Then when I went to take it from my pocket, I found that it was almost gone. What was left was covered in bite marks.’

‘There’s already enough stress at the moment with essay deadlines. The last thing I need is mice stealing my food.’

The mouse traps, which are unfortunately not baited with blocks of cheese, have been positioned near possible hiding spots such as bins and printers.

Mice have also been spotted in the Chrystal Macmillan Building.

This is not the first time Edinburgh University has been faced with a mouse infestation. Last year the university was forced to bring in exterminators to deal with a mouse problem in the Hugh Robson building.