What the area you live in Edinburgh says about you

Leith will be ‘up and coming’ for the next 10 years…

It can be a tough decision to make when it comes to choosing where you want to live after first year. You’re still not massively familiar with the city and its different areas, but this guide to the main locations will give you an insight to who lives where.


Okay, so you like playing it safe. You caught wind of the fact that Marchmont is where a lot of students decide to live, and you managed to be one of the people that was on the ball and determined to get a flat that is in the heart of the Meadows. It has great local amenities, as well as a short walk to Uni and if you are lucky, your flat will have a view of the castle. You are extremely proud to be able to tell people that you live in Marchmont, but even more proud of your open-plan kitchen/living area that is the real selling-point of your place.



Bad luck. You tried to get a flat in Marchmont but missed the boat, so you settled with Bruntsfield. It’s not quite as close to uni as Marchmont but you can’t really have many complaints about the walk to uni as you get to go through Bruntsfield Links and the Meadows, which is something to be thankful for.

You like the fact that it is close to Morningside which is notoriously well kitted out with bars and shops (but you’ll never go), and Bruntsfield itself has its nice independent shops. Above all, it has a Subway – so really, when you think about it, maybe missing out on that flat in Marchmont wasn’t so bad after all. Some of the flats also have rooftop balconies so if you get a place like that then you’ll get over Marchmont in no time at all.


If you were smart enough to choose to live in Newington, then well done. You’re right in the thick of the city and the convenience of the area is second to none. Not only are you still within a comfortable distance from uni, but you are also in town from the minute you leave your front door. You’ll certainly be one to utilise the Sainsbury’s right next to your flat when you roll out of bed and shoot down to grab yourself a meal deal, or if you fancy it, you’ll head to Mosque Kitchen as that is not a million miles away.

New Town

You think of yourself as a bit of a ‘baller’ and feel like real royalty having yourself a huge flat in New Town. Being surrounded by the grand architecture makes you feel ultra classy, and you love being able to swing by Harvey Nichols on the way back to your flat, as there is something about it that makes you feel like a real high-flying student. Oh, and also you just can’t keep yourself away from the clubs on George Street.

Parking ticket in New Town? Of course. No one carries change there


You’ll obviously claim that you don’t mind the 40 minute walk to uni, and you’ll be adamant that it is on the rise and is the ‘up and coming’ part of the city, ‘the place to be’. But realistically, you’re going to be saying this until you graduate and it will still be that place that is ‘up and coming’ – but will it ever come up?


Bloody hell, you live on Quartermile? Throw a flat party and be sure to invite me.