Appleton Tower is the worst thing about Edinburgh Uni

Hurry up and build another entrance

Appleton tower has been affectionately known as the eyesore of Edinburgh Uni for quite some time now, so when a construction project began last year in order to improve it, everyone was more than grateful.

However, even though the building looks better now, it remains a nightmare for students.

At the moment, it could be as beautiful as the Taj Mahal and I still wouldn’t care because what is the point if no one can actually get into the building?

How hard is it to just open another bloody entrance? It’s taking long enough as it is, why don’t they do something useful with it instead?

Well at least it looks nice inside

Everyday, from 9am to at least midday, the one main entrance into Appleton essentially becomes carnage, with people desperate to get both in and out at the same time.

Even after midday lectures, it doesn’t get that much better, people still have to force their way through the doors, against wave after wave of people desperate to leave the hell-hole.

People’s sense of decency goes completely out of the window as all thought is overtaken by the need to get in or out of that dreaded building.

The queues are ridiculous, spreading out all the way down the stairs and back towards George Square, and inside spreading all the way up the stairs to lecture halls 4 and 5.

Because of this it means that even if you arrive at Appleton ten minutes before your lecture is supposed to start, there is literally no way to physically get into the building, meaning you are late. Again. You might as well have stayed in bed.

For a multi-million pound building project designed to improve Appleton Tower, the reality is that it has only become less convenient for people using the building. Congestion on the stair-ways is, quite frankly, a panic-inducing nightmare.


Surely it seems essential for one of the busiest buildings on campus to have more than one main doorway wide enough so more than two people can leave at any one time? Or is that an unrealistic expectation for a building project at one of the richest universities in the UK?

To make everything better, some of the scaffolding has been finally removed, which I thought hopefully signaled the end of this tragic project. But no, it’s just been replaced by one of the ugliest concrete walls I have ever seen, which makes Appleton look all the more crap and unfinished. Just the place to inspire my studies.

Congrats, Edinburgh, you’ve truly outdone yourself.