Everything we’ve lost since 1st year

We’ve come so far, and lost so much

Lots changes as university passes us by.

Friends come and go. Halls becomes a thing of the past. Work becomes more and more of a reality.

These are the obvious things. The things we all notice. What about those things which seem to fade from our memory? The things that once were a part of university life and now are near forgotten.

We decided to dredge up old, forgotten memories, and think about everything we’ve lost since 1st-year.

Bristo Square

The former hub of university. 1st and 2nd years will only know Bristo Square as the building site it is now. Before this questionable redevelopment appeared, Bristo Square was a key part of Edinburgh University life. Not only was it the entrance to Mcewan Hall, it was also home to Edinburgh’s skateboarders. Not to mention a great spot to sit and chill.

Yik Yak

Back in the day, Yik Yak was a revelation. If you wanted to know what was going on in Edinburgh, you’d either check The Tab or you’d check Yik Yak. Yik Yak allowed people to anonymously post on a social network that was restricted to a certain area. So anything that happened in halls or lectures would always come up on Yik Yak. There was always something interesting. Someone outing a cheating boyfriend, people complaining about JMCC food, even apparently organising a mass walk out of lecture at one point. Now though, Yik Yak requires you to sign in with a profile, making the whole thing pointless.


Do people even go to Opal anymore? The only thing on this list that still actually exists, Opal has sunk into complete irrelevance. It’s no longer the Freshers’ go-to it used to be, a mantel which seems to have been taken up by Bongos. Probably for good reason as Opal’s charm is non-existent and its nights are uninspired.


Long gone and long forgotten. This was the thirstiest place in Edinburgh until it closed down a year ago. Maybe it was the red lighting, or the sweaty cesspool vibe, but Castle was everyones favourite place to pull back in 1st year. I honestly have no idea where it was actually was, making it even more of a distant memory.

Edinburgh Whip

Door to door laughing gas salesmen. The height of university luxury. Shame it didn’t catch on more in Edinburgh. The Whippy men only lasted a year in Edinburgh, before halting their business. The rumour was that the head of the Edinburgh operation left to go live in Australia. Definitely a better climate for a 24 hour delivery service.

Ebola Terror

Remember when Ebola was a real worry? At the height of the Ebola scare, there was talk of Ebola cases popping up all over Edinburgh. No doubt something that cropped up all over the UK at the time, there was constant talk of someone in the block who’d just come back from Africa and was feeling pretty unwell. Luckily it was all chat and not a single Edinburgh student was affected.

Referendum posters

Yes and No. The words that consumed everyones lives in the lead up to 2014s Scottish Independence Referendum. The blue and red posters were EVERYWHERE. On halls windows, in shops, around campus, sometimes even in clubs. Even after the result the posters stuck around for a while, especially the Yes posters, which no doubt Scottish nationalists didn’t have the heart to take down.