It’s official: Edinburgh is more fashionable than Glasgow

Of course we are

Edinburgh Uni is officially more fashionable than Glasgow Uni, according to new research by online fashion giant Lyst.

In a list of 20 universities across the UK, Edinburgh was ranked behind Belfast and Leeds at 7th most fashionable, whereas Glasgow was behind Loughborough and Reading at 17th.

The research found that the average student spends around £45 on fashion a month, with Edinburgh students spending above that at £48, and students at Glasgow spending just £35 a month.

However, in an absolute shocker, Edinburgh’s most popular brand was  found to be Hollister, whereas Glasgow’s was

Overall, Manchester was ranked top of the list with students spending a massive £58 pounds a month on fashion, followed closely by Newcastle and Nottingham.

According to the Lyst Student Style Survey, students will spend £1.8bn on clothes and accessories this year – up to 50% of their student loan.

As well as this, students at universities in the north of UK were found to spend 25% more per month on fashion than those in the south, with 70% of students admitting to browsing fashion online when they should be studying, listing it as the third biggest online distraction after checking social media and visiting news sites.

The most popular student fashion brands ranged from preppy favourites Jack Wills and Hollister, to edgier stores Urban Outfitters and American Apparel.