New high-speed railway plan aims to cut Edinburgh to London journey to three hours

Except it won’t be finished until at least 2030

New information from the government’s high-speed rail minister, Robert Goodwill, has revealed plans to reduce travel times for journeys between London and Edinburgh to 3 hours.

The project, supposed to be completed by the 2030s, will be a new development for the UK transport networks, creating a better link between the north and south, including both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Scottish Government and Westminster are collaborating over the plans, and are hoping to have them worked out by next year.

The overall cost is expected to be anywhere in-between £17 billion to 43 billion. A fair chunk of change then.

The better links between Scotland and London, as well as improved transport links to central Scotland, will hopefully help the Scottish economy, bringing in billions of pounds once the new high speed railway is completed.