Streetstyle: Winter coats

Because it’s pissing it down

When everyone’s favourite season of wet snow followed by drizzling rain comes, and turbulent winds make any attempt to hide under an umbrella miserable (to say the least), it’s hard to not wear your cozy, baggy, waterproof jacket. Of course, you could convince yourself it’s Edinburgh’s “new look” and forget you’ve ever considered yourself an actual fashionista.

However, there are a few brave trendsetters who have managed to stay warm without hiding under the knitted duvets we call jackets. They’ve done this in a variety of styles, from pairing rhinestone embellished turtlenecks with big statement coats, to combining classic cardigans with minimalistic normcore or double-breasted jackets. An impressive tartan scarf (which can make any outfit look stylish) and a vintage brown clutch were also spotted on campus.

In a nutshell, there are some great responses to the disaster outdoors.

Emile, fourth year, Economics & Maths

Elya, third year, Architecture

Candace, third year, Economics

Ellie, third year, Economics

Rhiannon, third year, Architecture

Krishnan, third year, Philosophy and Politics

Misha, fourth year, Geography

Martin, International Student, Comparative Literature

Donata, third year, Economic History

Cagri, masters, Finance and Investment

Nick, fourth year, Philosophy