What’s the maddest thing that happened to you in Freshers?

There’s always one kid who ends up in hospital after Hive

Freshers’ week is undoubtedly notorious for crazy shit happening, whether it was you or your flatmate creating a bad name for the next four years, we asked you for your weirdest fresher stories.

Olivia, 4th year, International business

“I know of a guy who drunkenly climbed the castle and got stuck. Up there he called his mum who was like, ‘what do you want me to do about it?’. So he called the fire station who made him repeat the story again… While he was stuck up there.”

Jack, 4th year, Anthropology

“I saw a naked pyramid in the courtyard of my halls. I was like unayyyy”

Duncan, 1st year, Psychology

“I literally don’t remember anything from Freshers’, even though it was last week. I remember preeing, leaving our flat and then just waking up in the morning.”

Gemma, 4th year, History

“In Freshers’ week I was trying really hard to impress a guy so I pretended to be into hiking and nearly passed out when I walked up Arthur’s Seat with him, that was pretty embarrassing. Oh or the time I lost my shoes at the Freshers’ ceilidh and fell into a plant.”

Corine,  3rd year, Economics

“There was one guy in halls who would steal traffic cones every night and place them outside everyone’s doors in the corridor. That was pretty weird”

Priyanka, 2nd year, Law and International Relations

“I ran into the wall at hive while demonstrating being a bull… Then got concussion and threw my passport out of a taxi window”

Michaela, 4th year, business management

“I didn’t get  into halls in my first year so the University put a bunch of us in the Travel Lodge for a month. I got really drunk on my first night and when my roommate came home she found me passed out on her bed in the hotel room – that’s how we first met”.

Charlie, 4th year, Business Studies

“We got lost on our way to Leith whilst pissed, so we had to carry two people through Waverley station”

Louise, 2nd year, Business Studies

“A friend of mine was in a flat and one girl didn’t really speak to the others or anything and she had a rice cooker in her room that they weren’t allowed to touch. One night they came back at like 4am to find that she’d had chucked rice all over the hall into their rooms”