Edinburgh officially best Scottish university

You can take our funding but you can’t take our talent

We knew this already, but they’ve made it official. 

The global league table published by The Times Higher Education Supplement shows Edinburgh as the only Scottish University in the top 100 Universities in the World.

Edinburgh jumped 17 places to become the world’s 29th best University, one of only 10 UK Universities in the top 100.

Vice Chancellor Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea said: “It confirms the university as one of the world’s leading research and teaching establishments.”

Cambridge in second place edged out Oxford who were in third place, Harvard led the field.

The news may come as a bitter pill after it was announced that Edinburgh was to have it’s funding cut by at least £14 million over the next two years.

Sir Tim, what would we do without him?

Sir Tim, what would we do without him?

Universities’ UK CEO, Nicola Dandridge, said: “It is clear that the UK continues to excel in this area. By any international measure, we perform well.”

Imperial, LSE, UCL were the only other UK Universities above Edinburgh, at 14th, 22nd and 17th respectively.

Manchester was in 50th place and KCL was in 31st place – Warwick, Durham and Bristol also made the top 100.