I gave up my bed for Lent to raise money for a homeless charity

‘People have said if I get £1000 I should see if I can stay in Hive overnight but I think that’s illegal’

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A dedicated fresher is sacrificing the comfort of his own bed for Lent to raise money for charity. 

Politics and Philosophy first year Andrew Bailie will sleep on his floor in only a sleeping bag and hoodie with a pillow for comfort: “I was looking to do something for Lent anyway and giving up food and stuff’s kinda boring.”

Andrew is asking for sponsors for his discomfort in order to raise money for Shelter, a charity that helps homeless people.

What a stand up guy

What a stand up guy

“I think sometimes, as a student, you complain about being poor all the time and lose perspective.

“Me and my friends always complain walking through Cowgate at three in the morning about being hungry and tired and stuff. But we’re cold because we didn’t bring a jumper and we’re hungry cause we haven’t got to Scotmid yet.

“As a student, you are poor, you have to eat Tesco rice for dinner but going through student loan quickly isn’t the same as being in trouble.

“When I chose homelessness I didn’t actually know much about the issue.

“Homelessness doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping in the streets. The demographics of homelessness are changing and more families are being forced into it.

“I think Shelter are the only ones that really tackle the root issues of homelessness, they’ll provide legal help, just basic things like food and shelter and stuff.”

Andrew was astonished by the support he received after he announced his plans to raise money.

He raised the initial target of £200 on his Just Giving page within 24 hours, even before Lent had started: “That’s when I realized that people were really behind it.”

But it wasn’t an easy transition for Andrew: “It’s hard to come back from nights out or a long day and not jump into my bed but I’m getting used to it.”

Andrew's sleeping arrangments

Andrew’s sleeping arrangments

Andrew has raised his target to £750 raised but some think he should aim higher.

“People have said if I get £1000 I should see if I can stay in Hive overnight but I think that’s illegal.”

You can make Andrew’s sleepless nights a bit more bearable by donating here or texting NBFL88 followed by £1/£2/£3/£4/£5 to 70070.